Friday, 26 June 2015

Little Loves: The Baby Edition!

Apologies in advance at the outset of this weeks #littleloves, there's going to be some serious baby spam going on... but we waited SO long for Jonas to arrive... I hope you'll forgive me! Life with a one week old pretty much revolves around him, so my post this week has a definite baby theme!

Jane Kirkpatrick - A sweetness to the soul. I just started this book this week... a bit of reading for those middle of the night feeds. When Ava was tiny, I used to power through a book a week in the wee hours... somehow I'm struggling more this time. I'm loving the book, but have to keep jolting myself awake!! I'm only a few chapters in, so I'll keep you posted, assuming I can keep my eyes open enough to read it!

This little one... cooing and squeaking and making general newborn noises. I think my favourite sound is those cute little gulps when he's feeding...

Of course, those aren't the only sounds newborns make... it does suck sometimes to have a Mama who's a blogger...

These little cousins all bonding together. This week has been all about adjusting to being at home, so we haven't been out much yet, but we've had plenty of family to visit. This summer, these four little cousins will spend their time on the Norwegian fjords with their grandparents... two big girls and two little boys. I'm excited to think about all the adventures they'll have...

And Bestemor has been to visit from Norway. I've sat on the sofa and watched her cook and clean and generally be amazing while my body has been recovering from a pretty big hit. Losing two litres of blood leaves you a little on the weak side. Thank you Magni!

Non maternity clothes! OK... I'm still in the maternity jeans, but its been nice to wear some of my baggier non maternity tops again. It's like having a whole new wardrobe.

Me? Nothing... I've been to busy "making" a recovery. But the girls were busy last weekend making Father's Day gifts and cards. Seriously, this guy is amazing. He has been an absolute rock this past week, and he definitely doesn't get enough credit or air-time on this blog. We  all adore him and I love this picture of him surrounded by his little brood!

And lastly...
I'm just soaking up these newborn days... three hourly feeds give me a chance to unwind with my boy and there's something about the silence, sitting on my bed, sunlight pouring through the window with this little man laid across my lap that just makes me breath deeper. I wrote the other day that with each child I have been able to enjoy this season more... there is something healthy about withdrawing completely with a newborn... taking stock, reflecting, being thankful... the sun shining outside has meant the girls are happy and content to be at home, playing in the garden, creating endless playdough sculptures and works of art and amusing their little brother. And I'm just allowing my body the space it needs to regain strength... Dave, my Mum and my Mother-in-law, school friends and our wider church family, have just been amazing at supporting us - helping out with the girls, cleaning and cooking us meals and I just realise how blessed we are to have such a fantastic support network around us.

So there you have it. Little Loves... the baby edition... I'll try and shake things up a bit next week!



  1. Oh he's so cute! I adore that picture of them all with Daddy at the end. Soak up those newborn days, they are best and pass far too quickly. Enjoy! xx

  2. Huge congrats, Jonas is gorgeous and I love his name. The pictures are all so lovely! I get the whole thing of enjoying the Newbury days, I'm 8 weeks in and I agree, having to sit down and feed Harry makes me slow down, where as id normally be rushing about! And wearing non maternity clothes is the best feeling! Hope you have a lovely week xxxxx

  3. He is so gorgeous Claire, and don't you apologise at all for the baby spam - we love it!! Oh, bless you pet - I really hope you'll be feeling more like yourself soon. I had similar experiences with Noah and Annie and know how much it completely wipes you. Just look after your wee self! Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. These photos are just gorgeous Claire...I am loving the baby spam! Glad you are able to take some time out to just recover and breathe in your beautiful baby boy x

  5. Hige congratulations! I must of missed your announcement?! There are so many lately I get confuddled! He is absolutely gorgeous! Love the crochet blanket he is wrapped in!

  6. Awwww.... congratulations!!! Jonas is just gorgeous, I can almost smell him from here... (I know that sounds bad, but I'm hoping you know what I mean!) I can't believe you have managed to blog already, but I guess if I had been blogging when my lttle ones were born, these would be the moments I would want to capture most! Have a great week Claire!

  7. Ahh he's so cute! Massive congratulations! x

  8. Congratulations on the new arrival x

  9. Oh he is utterly adorable. Loving the baby spam x

  10. What a lovely read and I totally agree about those wee newborn gulpy noises! #LittleLoves

  11. Oh Claire he is gorgeous! Don't ever apologise for baby spam! Enjoy these newborn days xxx

  12. It sounds like you're having a perfect baby moon surrounded by lots of support - long may it continue if only so the baby spam can continue because that wee boy of yours is just adorable!


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