Monday, 6 July 2015


She loves to come in to our room in the morning to kiss her baby brother... she gets the wipes and nappies for me, and helps me get him dressed. She chatters away to him in German in this little high voice, asking him question after question...
"Are you tired little Jonas? Are you? Is that what you're telling me? That you're tired?"
She worries if he doesn't have his cuddly giraffe that she bought for him with the money she "earned" from clearing the rocks in Grandpa's garden.
She is a wonderful big sister... and I'm so proud of her. Even when I have to tell her off for nearly smothering him in kisses.

This one is in love. She could not be more smitten. She rubs her little chubby cheek across his forehead and I have to tell her to get her hair out of the poor boy's face! The first question she asks me whenever she sees me; "Where is baby Jonas, Mama?" She will sit and stare at him for hours, and hold him and cuddle him for seconds, before she cries out "finished" and removes her arms. I'm a pro now at being ready to catch him.

They are adjusting. Gradually. Heidi is learning not to sob her heart out whenever she hears him cry...
"He's not sad, he's just telling us something"

And my heart melts every night, when from the quiet of our bedroom, on my bed, to the sound of newborn gulps as I nurse our youngest, I hear two little girls praying before falling asleep...

"Thank you God for Baby Jonas"

And I say Amen.


  1. Oh that's just so adorable! And I recognise the hug-drop so very well!!

  2. They are just too cute x

  3. I just get moved when I see the pictures and read! ����

  4. This actually made me get tears in my eyes Claire. So beautiful. x

  5. Oh Claire this gave me little goose bumps all over. So, so sweets. It's doubly special because I remember all of my three at this age. Precious times. Savour it :) x


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