Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Sports Day...

It's a bit of a momentous occasion, your child's first sports day. Ava had been talking about it for quite a while... Giving us snippets of information. On the big day, I packed the younger two into the buggy and we headed up to the school field to greet this happy little face...

She was just so thrilled that we were there to watch her. She literally grinned from ear to ear the entire time as she rotated round the activities and threw herself into every challenge with real enthusiasm!
And her biggest little fan was there too, cheering her on and supplying her with copious hugs and kisses of encouragement (and having one mini meltdown about wanting to go home in the middle of it all which was resolved by the provision of a pack of raisins... Needs must!)

And I watched this little girl running, bouncing, jumping hurdles, throwing, tunnelling and smiling the whole time and I just felt that realisation, that penny drop moment, that yes... This was our little girl. No longer our baby, or our toddler... And soon not even our preschooler...

She just seemed to grow up right in front of my eyes... 

It was a lovely morning with two happy little ladies who toasted Ava's sporting success with a hearty "cheers"...

 ... And a little man who pretty much slept through the entire thing!


  1. Ava looks great and she is a sporty girl! How nice you were there to watch her. 😀

  2. She looks so happy, wish I could have been there xxx

  3. Bobbie Tuckwell8 July 2015 at 08:54

    Claire I all ways read these but can't comment for some reason any I digress this time you brought a tear to my eye I remember that feeling it hits you all at once how grown up they have become xxx

  4. Great memories Claire xx

  5. Lovely and such fun sports! I'm having major issues watching my girls get older-I'm fine with my own birthdays-just not theirs!!

  6. Aww how sweet - she looks like she had a wonderful time and Jonas is just the cutest sleeping baby, I love his dungarees!

  7. Sounds idyllic Claire. What a little superstar. I love how her sister cheered her on all the way (minus the meltdown - par for the course eh?) and little Jonas boy who slept through the entire thing! It will be his turn before you know it. Drink in every moment :) x


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