Monday, 13 July 2015

Big School...

This past couple of weeks has been filled with milestones for our Ava M... her first sports day, her first school report, her first school trip... perhaps its the sheer volume of "firsts" that have kept me from being an emotional wreck about it all... or perhaps its just the busyness of life with a three-year-old, a two-year-old and a three-week-old. Whatever it is, we're about to embark on the  biggest first of all...

Big School.

Tomorrow, my little Ava will be walked up to an unfamiliar school gate, be picked up by her TA at the School reception, and be taken down to her new class, new teacher and 29 children she doesn't know yet.

The thought just turns me into a nervous wreck...

And yet Ava? Tomorrow morning cannot come quickly enough for her. She is so excited to meet her new teacher, is looking forward to making lots of new friends, can't wait to see what she's going to be doing at big school. And knowing her, I'm pretty sure she'll walk through those doors and not look back.

And as she goes, she'll take a little piece of my heart with her.

Because with this step, begins the journey of the next fifteen years and beyond... the gradual letting go... the move to independence... the existence of a pocket of life of which I am not a part.

Ava starting Nursery School last September...
I suppose in many ways it began last September, when she skipped into her school nursery and began the routine of 5 mornings a week in a classroom... but still we were the main environment, time with us was still dominant, our little world at home was still the big event.

All that is about to change.

And so I give myself a little shake, and remind myself that this is all a wonderful opportunity, that this will be the making of her... that this next year will be a wonderful adventure of discovery of numbers and letters and friendship and independence. That this time next year, she will be able to read me stories, and write me letters! That she will learn so much about making friends, and being kind, and sharing... that she will also learn how it feels to have your feelings hurt and what it means to not be the best at everything (one of the advantages of being the eldest sibling). She will learn that other children are different to her - believe different things to her, have other interests to her, are better at some things, and not so good at some things... these lessons will be hard for her, but they will be good for her... because those classroom doors will open wide the world for her in a way I can't do at home.

So as my little Ava M walks through those school gates tomorrow morning, I'll be reminding myself of all the adventures she's going to have, and not focus on the fact that we will miss her sunny little character at home!

My sunny, smiley girl!


  1. Oh I'm glad it's not just me that feels like that! It's the first time that they're going to be out more than in for us too, and as much as I know Kitty is looking forward to it, and loved her settling in picnic it's going to be a bit strange for us left behind. It's the first time what she will do really separates from our family story and we're definitely going to miss her. And then we'll blink and it'll be Heidi and Elma's turn!!

  2. Can't believe that Ava will be at School full time from Sept!! I feel it was like yesterday we came to hospital to see our first precious grandchild! Blessings upon you all tomorrow!😊 x x x

  3. Good luck Ava (and Mummy!) X

  4. Lykke til! 💗

  5. Gosh claire-i wasn't upset at all about it but now i am 😢

  6. Will be praying that tomorrow will be a really positive experience for her and for you. She looks so much more grown up than that little girl starting nursery. Lots of love xx

  7. Oh little Miss Ava have a fantastic time today x xx I loved the school gate such a good time to have conversations

  8. Craigene Wilkinson13 July 2015 at 16:27

    Each time I get the jitters about a first in parenthood I focus on the privilege of it. Little Ava starting school starts an avalanche of firsts + just as you get your head around those, Heidi's come hurtling! You'll be a pro by Jonas x

  9. I hadn't read this recent post until after I sent you the Pennies Jar blog post! Very apt. Yes with three so close together - you are going to be blessed with constant firsts! Enjoy. x

  10. Oh I still feel like this even though J has been going to nursery every afternoon at the 'big school' this year. It will seem so strange dropping him off for a full day rather than just for two hours. He's the most chatty and active of my boys so his presence will be really missed.


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