Friday, 17 July 2015

Braids, Blogs and Birthday Parties: Little Loves Week 29

I have not read any books at all this month which is TERRIBLE and I really need to get my act together. I had all these plans to read through the middle of the night feeds, which I did with Ava and Heidi, but I can't read this time! If I try, I literally start to nod off!! So I need to find an alternative time for my book reading...

Instead, I've been loving catching up with all my favourite blogs through Bloglovin' which makes it so easy to keep up to date with some lovely bloggers... you should totally get involved!

And if you follow this blog, and don't want to miss anything, you can follow this blog on Bloglovin here!

My little girl finish Nursery... we had a big family picnic on Wednesday and it was lovely... and emotional... and just felt a little bit like the end of an all too short era. On Tuesday, I saw my big girl head into "Big School" and walked away from the school, leaving her behind, with a lump in my throat. How are we at this stage already!??

Oh gosh... I'm dreading September!

Aside from that, I've been watching my old favourite "Gilmore Girls", and after Morgana's recommendation last week, I started watching the Michalaks vlog on Youtube and got totally hooked! It's a good thing they only vlog once a week (although there are some serious archives for me to work through... oh dear!)

I really haven't been listening to anything recently... the days seem to fly by, and to be honest, I'm perfectly happy with the soundtrack of everyday life... little girls giggling in the garden, baby cooing and the generally hilarous chit-chat of preschoolers. Except for the bickering. Oh dear... these little girls have hit a rough patch, and I'm determined to nip it in the bud before it escalates... They are just into all the same things at the moment, and so we're going to be doing a little focused training this summer in the kindness department. Any top tips?!


Oh! I do just love having little girls for many many many reasons... but one of them is the fun you can have doing their hair! I'm totally surprised at myself at how much I'm enjoying this. I am RUBBISH with hair... I've always been a 'bung it up in a ponytail' kind of girl... but I've got into watching these youtube tutorials now and I'm LOVING it! Ava also loves to scroll through some of the Instagram "little girl hairstyle" accounts I follow and pick out her choice for the day. It's sad, isn't it? But we're both thoroughly enjoying it! If only I could recreate them in my own hair... but it seems I'm stuck with the ponytail look!


Ava's party invitations... very exciting! She's chosen a fairytale theme... mainly because she wants to dress up as a Princess, but wants her little friend to wear his Robin Hood outfit... so fairytale theme it is! More on this to follow! (I'm having serious fun on Pinterest!!) Her party isn't until the end of August, but I'm having to prep early as this summer is SUPER busy for us!

Teacher presents! We have had a fabulous system in Ava's Nursery class where all the parents club together and get something special for the teachers. It means the teachers get something really nice, rather than lots of little bits and bobs, and my lovely friend Kirsty did a fabulous job of organising it all for us this time. But because Ava is actually leaving the school, and not just moving up to the next class, we thought it would be nice to say a little personal thank you... so I picked up five little pink Kalanchoe plants from our local florist and we decorated and labelled them up - "Thank you for helping me bloom this year!" They really have! Ava wrote a little message for her teachers on the back too - nothing massive, but just a little thank you from  us. We will miss that little school so much!

And lastly...

Things have been pretty intense round here lately... and now that the mad rushing around of school runs, and pick-ups, activities and clubs are rounding up, I'm looking forward to a few days of calm before we begin our adventures this summer. I am happiest with a calm life... I thrive on days at home with my little brood where we don't have to be anywhere or do anything. We get out, of course we do... we meet up with friends, have little outings... but its so nice not to feel you have to be somewhere! Getting three under four out of the house can be a challenge, so sometimes its nicer just to happily while away your day with lots of running around in the garden having bubble wand fights (yes, that was the girls activity of choice yesterday!)

SO that's a wrap... I'm possibly going to disappear for the month of August... Its good to take a proper break in the summer. I tend not to write posts at all, but instead to post a single shot every day of our adventures, so you can see what we're up to (and check out beautiful Cornwall and Norway to boot!)

So I'll still be posting as normal next week but probably won't be back to "Little Loves" until September...

So in case I don't see you again until then... here' wishing you a very happy, fun-filled summer!



  1. I love that quote. I'm one of the only people from my old friends who is married with a child, so often they look at me like I have a very dull life. But they don't realise quite how happy I am.

    You are so good at the hair! Wow. I am already frantic for next September when H starts school, weeping will be happening. So you have sympathies there. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. I wonder if it's a third baby thing, not being able to read books in the night feeds. Are used to read a huge amount with Kitty, but with her brother it's mostly been Instagram! And now I know why I get comments from you at 4 o'clock in the morning!! Have a wonderful summer, I'm looking forward to seeing your photos from Norway, but before you do, please share your favourite YouTube videos, I am wildly impressed with Ava's hair and Kitty would love it!!

  3. I love the different hairstyles you post each day, perhaps I need to watch some tutorials...I am rubbish but then Meg's hair is so curly that by the time I've got one section tamed, the other has sprung loose!! Love the plant idea, so sweet.
    Have a great summer!!

  4. Gorgeous gifts, I'm making something similar for when G finishes nursery at the end of august. It has been nearly 4 years so they definitely deserve a treat. Have a lovely weekend x #littleloves

  5. Wow you are so talented with your little ones hair. As soon as MM gets a little more I really need to learn how to do more things with it. I am awful at my own hair so not sure I could pull any of these off. Looks amazing. I know what you mean not having time to read and it took me coming to my parents where there is little wifi no cell phone service and woods to slow down on life and start reading again a chapter here and there. But has been lovely. I am already emotional too about september and B starting big kid school. I can't believe how fast it has gone. In the states he wouldn't be going for another two years! So it's weird for me too wrap my head around. Lovely #littleloves

  6. The bickering is tiresome but if you can change the tone of their voice you can teach them to reason with each ....have a wonderful Summer..

  7. The party invites look are Ava ' s various hair braids....enjoy your summer break & thanks for sharing your world with us xx

  8. I'd never be able to do hair like that! Not that my 13 year old would let me try these days of course! Sounds like you have an amazing summer planned - Cornwall and Norway! Have fun x

  9. Your teacher system sounds ideal, also love those flowers though, very sweet :) Ava's hair looks great, I never knew plaits could be so versatile! I look forward to seeing snapshots of your summer adventures, have a lovely time xx

  10. Sounds like you have a lovely summer planned, I'm exactly the same. I'm at my best when everything is calm and we're not constantly rushing around. I love your little girls party invitations, they're gorgeous and what thoughtful teacher gifts. xx

  11. Oh I never thought of looking at hairstyles on Pinterest... though hair doing is my sure fire way to grumpy girls!! Love those invitations and look forward to seeing some pictures - I do love a party with a theme!

  12. Loving all the hairstyles! My girls desperately want things like that and I have no clue how to do it. I must take a leaf out of your book and start watching some tutorials.
    Have a wonderful summer xxx


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