Thursday, 16 July 2015

Baby Tales {One month}

ONE MONTH! Where did that time go?! My little boy... you are growing before our very eyes! You are loving your milk, loving your cuddles and putting on weight like there's no tomorrow! You are over 12lbs already!

You are so very good, and got yourself into a little daytime routine almost immediately. You settle yourself off to sleep and I love watching you through the crack in our bedroom door as you lie in your Moses Basket, swaddled up and watch those big blue eyes begin to bob.

You stare so intently, taking the world in with this little serious frown on your face, but at the weekend, I got my first proper smile... just me and you, getting your pyjamas on, and while your Mama chatted away and cooed at you, you gave me the best gift a little boy can give his Mama... a gorgeous little smile. I will treasure that one little Jonas.

We are figuring out the nights together: you do wonderfully from 7pm until 3ish... we're still figuring out the sunrise hours. Its hard for a little one to figure out he's still meant to be sleeping, when the sun pours in and the birds are calling out "wake up! wake up little one!" but we'll get there. You can go 4 hours easily at night without a feed, so there's no reason to think we won't manage 3am - 7am soon enough. Its all part of the newborn experience...

And that's just it... slowly but surely, we are waving goodbye to our newborn. You really don't look like a newborn anymore. You have a little baby face with cheeks that are filling out, and thighs that are ever growing, and big blue eyes that are becoming less and less sleepy, and more and more alert. But then you go and do that little curl up thing, and your little head wobbles unsteadily while you hold it so determinedly, and I remember how little you still are.

My little baby boy.

I couldn't love you more Jonas... and I'm so very, very glad you're here.

Happy One Month Birthday!

Mama xxx


  1. Oh' so lovely and cute!😀

  2. Oh bless! You will be making us all cry! x

  3. They just grow so damn quickly don't they Claire? I am sure you are treasuring every single moment with Jonas. He's gorgeous and sounds like he has slotted into the family perfectly. x

  4. Oh he is just adorable! And he seems so very tiny to me, even at a whopping great big 12lbs!


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