Saturday, 15 August 2015

Siblings {August}

August. A month of travelling. In the past two weeks these littles have done two huge journeys totalling over 24 hours on the road/in the sky/on the fjord (not counting all the smaller trips we've done!) But they have been little stars and despite some of the journeys being interesting at times, have lined up along the back seat of our car and done a fabulous job at keeping each other amused.

There have been songs for Jonas, games of Mummys, Daddys and Darlings (the official name of the baby don't you know), sharing of magazines and games with the tacky plastic toys you get in them. Of course, there were a fair few arguments too, and a number of orders sent back from the front of the car... ("Heidi, stop that", "Ava, leave Jonas alone!", "who threw that horse on the floor?!", "Be kind to your sister!") but I think that's all part of the furniture when making long journeys with three under four!

And then we made it to Norway, and these little people are now fully in the flow of summer holidays, and well adjusted to their little brother (and he's pretty well adjusted to being smothered in love). Ava is a wonderful big sister. She thinks Heidi is just the funniest person and often catches my eye with this knowing look and silent giggle, and she has been such a help with Jonas. She takes such good care of both her little siblings and just seems to have grown up so much this past year. Of course, she has her moments, as all three year olds do, but as her fourth birthday looms next week, I can see we are leaving these toddler years well behind us. She is kind and helpful and sweet-natured and I couldn't love her more.

Heidi is a whirlwind of fun and feistiness. She adores her baby brother and would spend her entire day smothering him in kisses if we would let her... She's a little less sure on the boundary between adoration and overkill, but that's toddlers for you. She is learning, and we're working hard to help her to channel her love for her "Baby Yoyo" gently! She looks up to no-one more than her big sister and wants to be with and do whatever Ava is doing, but she's also very capable of having her own opinions and has no problem making them known. She is keeping us on our toes with typical two-year-old behaviour but utterly heartmeltingly sensitive and sweet at the same time. We all love our Heidi-girl.

Jonas is delighting us all with cooing and smiling and general cuddliness. Last week he slept through the night for the first time which made his Mama very proud... He hasn't quite managed it again since, but he's getting consistently to 5am and going back to sleep afterwards. I really can't complain. He is such a chilled out, contented little chappy and utterly adored by all of us.

August has been good to us, and we're looking forward to a special week next week... Lots of birthdays! Amongst them Ava will be turning four, and I will be hitting the big 3-0... Eeek!

So here are our little rays of sunshine... My little siblings, covered appropriately in ketchup, in August (BBQs belong to the summer holidays, right?!)

dear beautiful


  1. Awww, lovely photos and lovely tales of the sibling bonds in your family. Heidi sounds so like my little missy, and I predict I will be telling her regularly that the baby has had enough cuddles and kisses for now. Have an amazing birthday week all of you!!! x

  2. Ahh! Missing them xxx

  3. Heidi sounds a lot like my Halle, the fun, feisty yet loving little thing! Wow, your travels sound delightful. and how big are they all looking all of a sudden! x

  4. What a beautiful setting Claire and of course three beautiful little people too. It feels like J has always been a part of the family now! xx

  5. I often think I've just taken a cracking photo only to realise they've got Ice Cream/ Chocolate around their mouths. Hope you and Ava have lovely Birthdays xx #siblings


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