Friday, 28 August 2015

The Perfect Fairytale Party Bag!

The Enchanted Woods are slowly coming together, ready for the birthday girl's party on Monday. This party has been in the planning for a couple of months now, and one little lady is still trying to decide who to come as... Goldilocks? Red Riding Hood? Rapunzel?

All will be revealed next week!

Pom Pom apples and gingham napkins are ready to adorn the table; bricks, sticks and straw gather for the building of little pig houses; Three Bears Porridge Cookies and a Fairytale cake are ready to be baked... Plans are underway, and one little girl is extremely excited!

And so, when we returned from Norway, I turned my mind to the favours for one little Princess to share with all her fairytale friends...

And what could be better than each child getting their own little fairytale napsack of goodies??
Nothing could be simpler... A stick, some red gingham material, and we were good to go! I simply cut squares of red gingham material, and pulled the four corners together to tie around the stick. I then secured them with a piece of string! So easy, and yet so effective!

But what to put in them? I hunted around for a few fairytale ideas and also came across the Hawkin's Bazaar stocking filler page... Who says stocking fillers need to be for Christmas?! They had some perfect little gifts for party bag fun!

I won't reveal too much, but needless to say, I'm quite chuffed with the final outcome, and hope we'll have lots of happy little fairytale characters on Monday afternoon!

If you have a party coming up, why not check out Hawkin's Bazaar for some perfect party bag fillers?

 Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Wowee!! Even I'm looking forward to this kids party 😄

  2. Are we invited? ;-)
    They look lovely- like the king and the princess!
    Have a great party and lots of fun!



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