Monday, 31 August 2015

Me and Mine {August}

August has been our month of holidays... we have been away more than we have been a home, but somehow have managed to keep things ticking over without messing up Jonas' routine too much - Phew!

It has been a month of birthdays... I had two WONDERFUL surprises... the first was my parents unexpected arrival in Norway, and the second was a little do with my gorgeous girlies on Friday night... more on that later this week! Ava had a wonderful 4th birthday in the Norwegian sunshine, and celebrated with a fairytale party today... hence how late this post is!!

I have been up to my eyeballs in Fairytale cake; straw, sticks and bricks and building Grandma's cottage (it will all be up on the blog in the next couple of days!!!)


Here's what we've been loving in August...

Ava (4 years!)
- Birthdays
- Colouring in
- Trying out new hairstyles
- Baking Bread Rolls with Bestemor
- Her new Rapunzel dress

Heidi (2 years, 5 months)
- fresh raspberries
- Princess Sofia figurines
- singing at the TOP of her lungs
- cuddles with Jonas
- becoming potty trained (at last - yippee!)

Jonas (2 months)
- Milk
- Sleep
- Milk
- Cuddles
- Milk

- Surprise parties
- Norway sunshine
- Planning birthday parties
- Time with my little family
- Scandinavian shopping

- Jumping in the fjord
- Time with family
- Norway
- Planning surprise parties
- Watching LOTS of football on TV

And here we all are, on Ava's birthday, in our beautiful Norwegian haven, enjoying sun-kissed time with family and natures most glorious beauty!!

I have LOVED August... it has been a perfect month of settling into life with Jonas, and enjoying my last few weeks of freedom before school comes along. I have LOVED being a Mama to preschoolers, and cannot quite believe we are waving goodbye to that little chapter. From now on our days will be dictated to by drop-offs and pick-ups, and I'm not quite sure I'm ready...

But my big girl is, and that's all that matters really, isn't it?

dear beautiful


  1. It sounds absolutely wonderful and such a pretty part of the world as your backdrop. And how is it now the month when we have to send them off to school!!

  2. Lovely photos Claire; Sounds like you've had your hands full this month! I hope Ava had a wonderful birthday and party.

  3. I've loved following your summer of fun in Norway Claire and what a wonderful summer it looks like it's been with surprise birthday visits, lots of birthdays and lots of fun.

  4. I have loved following your Summer of adventures in Norway Claire it looks like you've had such a lovely time, with surprise birthday visits and lots of lovely times. The photos this month have a beautiful backdrop x

  5. Norway looks fantastic. Our son also turned four last month and is loving his primary school, I hope Ava is getting on well at hers too!


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