Thursday 10 September 2015

Back to School Feast // 2015

Summer is bliss. Weeks of freedom, a relaxing of the routine... late nights, days spent in the sunshine, Papa at home. It is wonderful, but there is something I love about the onset of September... a return to routine and structure... our weeks start to resemble the same pattern and children, I have learnt, thrive in structure.

But this September, it is not just Papa who is heading off to school. Our Ava is ready to start Reception, and in true family fashion, we wanted to send her off with a bang (projects like this are also a good distraction for a Mama who needs to not think about phrases like "end of an era", "things will never be the same again" and "no longer have all my babies at home")

It's a tradition we set up last year (you can read more about that one here), when Ava started at our local school nursery... and its one I'm keen to continue. A celebration of the summer that's been had, and looking forward to a fresh start... a new year of learning, and life and new experiences. An opportunity to be together in holiday mode one last time, and a chance to pray together with, and for, Ava as she looks forward to the School-year ahead.

And so, last night, we celebrated our annual "Back to School Feast"
And seeing as its her very first year in big school. I thought we'd go for a traditional school theme this year - red and green, apples and ABCs, blackboards and bunting, and of course a crown for the school child (and one for Heidi too... couldn't leave her out, could we?!)

It was a fun-filled evening! Nanny and Grandpa joined us for a feast of chilli wraps and ice-cream Sundaes. Cheap and cheerful but full of fun.

And one little lady was thrilled!

So I thought I'd share a few pictures of our "Back to School Feast"

What are your "Back to School" traditions?


  1. We will be praying for Ava as she starts on this new adventure xx

  2. Love it! What an amazing idea😍 I'm going to have to copy this for Grace and Jeiel. Such a nice way of creating lovely memories for them. You are amazing! Xx

  3. Eg likar boki ABC, den var det vi byrja med!

  4. How lovely Claire! We like to go out for a last coffee and cake in Costa or some other similar coffee establishment before returning to school. It's become a bit of a ritual. We usually go out and buy all of the stationery too but this year I couldn't face it so did a mad dash to Tesco all by myself! I hope that Ava has settled in well to school. x x

  5. What a fantastic tradition, Claire! Love it. I feel the same as you, esp when they were very young, about both the holidays and the return to routine. What we used to do (last year was last time we did it) was make a, A-Z poster of all the best things about our holiday and draw a picture beside each. I never blogged about it but I should've done....this year that went out the window as i was struggling to get my eldest ready for secondary school and keep the house running with the O/H still in plaster....only another 6 weeks to go! PS How on earth do you manage to make such a beautiful table and everything with 3 children under 5?!!!


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