Friday, 11 September 2015

Off you go, little one...

My dear little Ava M,

Today's the day. The start of a new chapter. A new adventure. The journey to independence begins. Oh! How I have loved these little years... having you potter around me, chattering away, asking questions, filling my days with your little thoughts and constant flow of "good ideas"...  I have savoured them as best I could, storing all these memories up on this blog so that not one little moment of having all my babies surrounding me would pass me by. It has been a wonderful adventure, my Ava... you have taught me so very much - how to be a Mama, how to open little hearts, how to get out of the house by 8.30am with three little ones in tow. I have learnt, and continue to learn, so much from, and with, you. And I'm thankful that we have lots of years ahead of learning and growing together still to come.

But this little chapter. This little cocooned world of our own. It is coming to an end. Because you, our firstborn, are breaking free into the big wide world. There is so much for you to see and discover and learn, and I only hope the little foundations we have laid these past four years, will hold steady for all the building blocks you will place on them as you make discoveries for yourself.

You are so excited about school - you have been telling me how you are going to be able to read Jonas stories, write letters to Heidi, learn how to use money and "cook like a Mama"... I love that you are so eager to learn, and I'm so excited for all that this next chapter holds for you.

But its not just the "lessons" I'm praying you'll learn as you embark on Primary School... I'm praying you'll learn compassion - to care for those different to yourself... I'm praying you'll learn patience - with others and with yourself... I'm praying you'll learn faithfulness - to be a loyal friend whatever happens, I'm praying you'll learn perseverance - to keep trying, even if you find something hard, and I'm praying you'll be like Jesus in that little school of yours... a little jar of clay... holding precious treasure.

I am reluctant to hand over hours of the day with you to someone else... but I know you are ready for this new adventure, and so I will walk you to those school gates this morning with the biggest grin on my face, and excitement in my voice, because I know that's what's best for you, even if inside everything in me wants to turn around and walk you home again!

I love you, my Ava. You are a precious little girl who I love being a Mama to. We have our moments, but you are just such a good little friend and I will miss you dreadfully (as will your siblings who think you're the best thing ever!)

Off you go, little one. I'll be ready and waiting at the end of the school day to have you back in the nest...

I love you and am so proud of you,

Mama xxx


  1. Beautiful Claire, has made me shed a tear. Hope Ava has a wonderful first day at school x x

  2. All my love and prayers for Ava's first day at school! And of course I am praying for the rest of the family. X x x

  3. Lovely - made me cry thinking about taking Samuel to school And that isn't for ages yet x

  4. Such a lovely post Claire. I hope Ava's first day goes brilliantly x

  5. I'm sure Ava will have a wonderful day x

  6. Have read this through a blur. Praying for you all. Lots of love xxxxx

  7. Aww what a beautiful post, I hope Ava had a wonderful first day :)


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