Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Baby Tales {Three Months}

Three months already! How time does fly! And with the onset of Autumn we've entered the baby-zone of relief... At three months, the initial intensity has worn off, adapting has taken place, routine has been instilled, and Mama feels like she has some semblance of normality again.

And this little man of ours is filling our world with gummy smiles, cute cooing and baby giggles.

It's just the nicest stage (but then I feel like I say that about all stages...!)

Jonas is what everyone said he would be, as a third child, easy going and adaptable, laid back and cheery... And boy does he love his sleep! Still! I'm always taken aback by how much they sleep at the beginning... And I guess three months in I figured he'd be more awake, but this little lad still likes a good nap!! I reckon he still sleeps 18 hours in every 24 hour period. Insane! We're pretty big fans of routine around here, and although he's pretty flexible, I'm not! If his day routine goes up the creek, you can be certain that the night will follow.

And I'm just not up for that!

So we've got ourselves in a nice little three month routine, and while school runs have the potential to wreak havoc on his naps, at the moment, I'm still just about managing to transfer him asleep from buggy to cot! Long may it last!

So Jonas... Here's you at three months in a nutshell!
- loving your little routine
- thinking Ava's the funniest
- sleeping through the night with a dream feed at 11
- loving your milk
- hitting the 98th centile for height and weight
- chilling in the baby gym
- listening to Heidi's singing
- wearing socks on your hands when you sleep
- self-soothing
- giggling when someone wobbles your belly
- rolling onto your side
- just generally being cute

We love you little Jonas-boy!


  1. We love you Jonas xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I can't believe he is 3 months already Claire- where does time go? He sounds like such a wonderful, laid back, happy little boy! xx


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