Thursday, 15 October 2015

Siblings {October}

It still amazes me how much babies sleep. Almost four months in, and I still find it crazy how small the windows of opportunity are for me to capture a moment with all three siblings together. With Ava at school now, with Jonas' naps and feeds, there are only a few points in the day when the three of them are actually all awake and in each others company!

And one of my favourite daily moments is breakfast...

One sock on, one sock off on baby Jonas... an eclectic mix of cereals and croissants... the table strewn with hair ties as I conjure up the wish of the day on the girls heads. Breakfast varies from day to day... some days a frantic shovelling down of cereal, other days an opportunity to sit together, chat and talk about the day ahead. Ava always wants toast or a croissant, and needs a little encouragement on the cereal front; Heidi's bowl is bursting at the seams (branflakes are the current favourite), Jonas coos and babbles his way through the whole experience, and smiles if you so much as look at him.

Or very cheekily does this...

My little people in October. Adjusting to this new "structured" school day. Loving each other, winding each other up, but being the best of friends at the end of the day.

Just like siblings should be.

dear beautiful


  1. I love that final photo and Jonas' cheeky face. So lovely to capture that moment of the day when you are all together and awake :-)

  2. Wonderful that you have time with the kids at the breakfast table!😀

  3. Ah so cute and it is great that Jonas can sit up high and be in on the action with his big sisters. You must have to pinch yourself that these three gorgeous little people are yours Claire. x

  4. Gorgeous photo Claire and a real 'picture' of life with three little ones - varied and demanding! Lovely. x x

  5. Ah such a lovely everyday moment to capture and so normal but magical at the same time! Xx

  6. Your living room is different!!!

    1. Yup... I'm always moving things around... Can't help myself!

  7. Ava looks so grown up! The last time I saw her she was a baby x

  8. I love the last photo! I am in awe of how you have time to do not one little girl's hair but two...Meg usually goes with a ponytail unless I happen to be up an extra hour earlier to spend faffing with it ;)

  9. Busy life you have there. I like the way Jonas sticks his tongue out. #siblings

  10. Oh I love that final photo - I can't believe how big Jonas is getting - and the girls have got such gorgeous smiles :)


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