Wednesday 11 November 2015

It's back!

Just over two years ago, I made the slightly scary blogging decision to start a linky... its always a risky business in the blogging world... making yourself a bit vulnerable, preparing yourself for the fact that no-one might link up, that you might end up "failing". But appreciating each season, and all that it had to offer, has always brought me so much joy, and the more I blogged, the more I realised that it was something that many of you loved too...

And so #SavouringtheSeason was born.

Throughout 2014, I tapped away on my laptop, recording all the seasonal activities, crafts, recipes, thoughts and reflections that we got up to, and many of you joined in too, and a lovely little community was born and it was fab. We shared ideas, appreciated pretty photographs, had a good laugh at disastrous attempts at things, and just savoured life and its ever-changing seasons together.

And then I needed to take a break. Our family was growing. Life was hectic. And the linky that I'd loved so much started to feel like a pressure, and I knew it was time to stop. But always with the promise that it might return one day.

And here we are. One year later. The break was wonderful, but if I'm honest - I've missed it! I've missed the community, the weekly touch-ins, the sharing of ideas and the inspirational creativity. I've missed the muddy walks, and ice-lolly recipes and seasonal bucket lists. I've missed the beautiful autumnal images, the Easter crafts and the holiday spam. 

And I think its time to bring it back!

So if you have in any way appreciated the season this past week - anything autumnal, or fireworky, or just getting out into nature and appreciated this wonderful world that we live in, then pop back tomorrow, grab the badge and link up!

I'd love to have you join me!!

See you at 7am!

And just in case you're not sure if this one's for you, here are a few examples of Autumn #SavouringtheSeason posts that some of you linked up in the past...

Enjoy getting some autumn inspiration from the past!

Season Autumn Leaves


  1. Yay! I was never quite organised enough to write a post to link up but I did love reading everyone's ideas - I might have to join in by Instagram or something!

  2. Yay, this and a Home linky are the only two that I really join in with. The posts are always so inspiring xx


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