Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Little Brother...

We are hurtling towards the six month mark, and I'm finding it hard to believe that this littlest member of our family has not been around forever...

He is contented, happy, chirpy and so long-suffering... you pretty much have to be when you have two big sisters. He gets prodded and poked, cuddled and smothered, kissed and bundled like there's no tomorrow, and he doesn't help me out. I am constantly telling the girls to get off him and leave him alone, only to find him giggling away and enjoying all the attention.

Life is certainly not boring when you're number three.

There is constant entertainment, and always someone to play with!

Ava has always been wonderful with her little brother. Reliable, gentle and so loved up with him. Almost from the beginning, I could trust her to keep an eye on him while I popped upstairs, or needed to get some chores done. She takes her babysitting duties very seriously, and was the first one to get him to giggle. She loves him. He loves her. Its a mutual thing.

Heidi, at 2 and a half, has adored her brother from day one... in the typical toddler smothering kind of way! I had to watch her like a hawk at the beginning, and its only been the past few weeks that I've realised I've not had to be so on the ball. Jonas is a bit bigger and sturdier, and suddenly it seems they have their own little thing going on. They find each other quite hilarious and are two peas in a pod when Ava's off at school. I can see a lovely little friendship blossoming (with the usual sibling issues - her smothering him, him pulling her hair!)

So life is pretty good when you're a little brother... and Jonas certainly seems to be making the most of it!


  1. He is so cute such a happy little boy xx

  2. I'm the eldest of three (same combo as your lovely lot) and it sounds very familiar, even though we're now adults! xx


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