Tuesday 8 December 2015

How To Make A Christmas Rag Wreath

Ever since my year spent living in Austria, wreath-making has been an annual part of my Advent... whether it be a candle-wreath, or a door wreath, there is something lovely and festive about those colourful rings...

This year I went for a slightly different angle.

I am so thrilled with my rag-wreath, dirt cheap to make, quick and easy... you genuinely need no craft skill at all to make it... and even the kids can get involved! As long as you can knot, you can do this!

I led a workshop making these last week at our Church Christmas Craft Evening, and showed 42 women from our local community how to rustle up themselves a wreath... and without exception they were thrilled with their creations, and all commented how quick and easy it had been!

So I thought I'd share a little "How To" on how to make them... if you have a free 45 minutes somewhere, why not give it a go?

1m garden wire
Material/ribbon in your colour scheme of choice

Step 1: 
Cut your material into approximately 75 strips measuring 3/4" x 5"

Step 2:
Bend your garden wire into a circle with a diameter of approximately 20cm. Double it up and twist to strengthen.

Step 3:
Tie each strip onto your wire with a simple knot and bunch them together...

Step 4:
Once you have knotted all the way around your wreath, use a little decoration to create the top (I used little mushrooms on wire, but you could use a bell, bauble or some holly!)

Step 5:
Stand back and admire. I loved this craft... a little project that is so effective.

Watch out... I think there may be some seasonal wreaths planned for next year!!

Why not have a go?!


  1. Shared this with friends it looks brilliant

  2. Really enjoyed making this at the craft evening last week

  3. Oh you are so clever Clarina! I love Christmas crafting with the children but my efforts don't ever look quite so pretty. Thank you for hosting such a lovely seasonal linky. H x

  4. This is beautiful and so easy to do, very clever!

  5. This does look really cute and effective and sounds a lot simpler than I imagined! Thanks for hosting #savouring the season again! Xx


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