Monday 7 December 2015

Nikolaus Abend

The landing was dark... By the door to their bedroom lay three little boots, empty and standing tall. Inside the bedroom, two little girls lay, covers to chins, eyes squeezed tight shut, and willing sleep to come.

It was Nikolaus Abend on Saturday Night!

As they slept sweetly, Nikolaus would come and fill those little boots with fruit, nuts and sweet treats, a tradition upheld in many European countries, and one which we have always delighted in with our little ones. It's the original St Nicholas story, and one which I've always loved for its simplicity... No extravagant gifts, no raucous celebration... Just a few raisins, a mandarin, a couple of chocolate coins and a few stickers, and a reminder that children really are grateful for the small things too!

And when they came down the stairs in the morning, those little boots were full of goodies...

The children opened their little goody bags in delight, before the usual cry of "Let's find Nico and Nati!", and they entered the lounge to find their little Kindness Elves had prepared a little extra special something...

An invitation for the children to make their own little Nikolaus bags for a friend each... and stickers, chocolates and fruits to fill them up with.

Thrilled is an understatement. I actually think they took more delight in making those little bags up, than they did in opening their own...

And one happy little chappy looked on while we read the story of the very first St Nikolaus!

And then we settled down to breakfast, and a celebration of the second Advent Sunday... the next instalment of the Christmas story was read, the Advent Candle lit, and a few carols and Christmas songs sung around the piano, and a lovely, long, lazy start to Sunday morning, before we bundled into the car for Church (rising early with small children does have its perks sometimes... you can get a lot down before 10.30am!)

A lovely little Sunday... and we are all very, very glad to have our Papa back home (perhaps me especially!)

Do you have any special Advent traditions to share?


  1. Lovely sunday morning!😀

  2. Oh what a lovely way to bring St Nicholas' magic to life - I still remember celebrating St Nicholas day at school (shoes left on our desks while we went to lunch!) and how exciting it was at aged 6!

  3. Lovely claire x


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