Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Six Months!!!

How, oh how, baby boy of mine, are you six months old already?!

How is it possible that you have been here with us for six months?

How is it possible that you we didn't even know you seven months ago?

Time is a funny old thing!

You are a delight and a joy and every single one of us adores you! You brighten our home and our family with your gummy smiles, belly giggles and babbling. You are doing all the things a six month old should... You're rolling over and over at every opportunity, you're eyeing up our meals and taking a swipe given half a chance, you're getting used to the flavours of carrot, potato, cauliflower and sweet potato. You're holding yourself more upright and gearing up to sit, and you are totally obsessed with your feet and hands... Who needs toys?!

Yesterday you shocked Ava and I with your first word (a total fluke of course, but it was hilarious nonetheless!) I was changing your nappy and was surprised to find it was just wet. 

"Oh! He must have just done a Poops" (German word for wind!)

"poops!" you responded... Very clearly, very calmly.

Ava and I looked at each other in shock, and then burst into giggles... Firstly, because it was just so hilarious that it actually sounded like you had just said a real word, and secondly because of all the words to say...

Boys and their toilet humour, hey?!

We love you Jonas-Boy... To the moon and back, and back again.

Thank you God for this precious gift!


  1. This little soul is very precious! Can"t believe he is half a year old! Vi er svært glad i deg kjære Jonas! x x x

  2. I cannot believe he is six months old already- he is the most beautiful baby boy! If I have a little boy like him I will be very happy! xx


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