Thursday 17 December 2015

Wreaths, Wrapping and Festive Reads // #SavouringtheSeason

It seems the festivities are in full swing now... my Twitter feed is full of reports of present wrapping and last minute shopping, my Facebook account flooded with images of children's nativities, and my Instagram feed is just awash with beautiful festive pictures.

I do love this time of year: the sights, the sounds, the smells - it's a feast for the senses...

And if ever there was a time to savour the season; I mean, really savour it - soak it, breath in the scents, stand wide-eyed, be in awe, appreciate and enjoy - surely this is it.

Our week has been a wonderful one; illness, infections and bugs have sought to hijack it unsuccessfully... amidst trips to A&E, midnight visits from little people and copious amounts of calpol we have managed to make homemade play dough, bake biscuits, see school nativities, attend a couple of Christmas gatherings, do the rounds of the neighbours, celebrate half-birthdays and write a tonne of Christmas cards... phew!

It's been manic, but it's been lovely... and somehow (aside from a brief spell on Sunday evening when things got really scary with Heidi's illness), I have yet to feel the usual late December panic and feeling of being totally overwhelmed.

Don't worry... there's still plenty of time for that!

One of the highlights of the week was Ava's Nativity (Heidi's performance as Mary above was also awesome, and she was talking about it for days afterwards!) Ava was a narrator, and spoke out her 6 lines so clearly and beautifully. Definitely a proud Mama moment! The children performed every song in Makaton, and it was just so lovely to see our little lady up there singing and signing away. What a wonderfully inclusive idea! Perhaps it was that still in my mind that helped me pick out my favourite post from the linky the week... I adored Hayley's post about fabulously festive Christmas ideas for SEN children. I love the visual and creative way she has approached Christmas with her girls, one of whom has Down Syndrome. Hayley's story is incredibly inspirational, so if you've never popped over to her blog, please do so! It's a wonderful place to nosey around!

In the meantime, you have all been flooding the hashtag with beautiful images... its so exciting to see this community pulling together. I get such a thrill every time I click over and see all the wonderful images being put under #savouringtheseason ... thank you so much for joining in the fun! Every week it grows a little bit more, and every week I find it that little bit harder to pick out my favourites...

But here we go... clink on the links underneath to follow these gorgeous accounts - these ladies really know how to savour this particular season for all its worth!

1st Row: L to R - @fableandfolk // @zoepower // @frontfortyfarm

If last weeks theme was wreaths (and it did run into this weeks too!), then this weeks theme was reading. So many lovely festive books to be read; by both adults and children alike... just check out these lovely bookworm shots...

What are your favourite Christmas reads?!

So with the big day now being only 8 sleeps away, I'm imagining the #savouringtheseason hashtag may go a little mad this week! Either that, or we'll all be so busy running round like headless chickens we won't have time to even think about capturing it on camera!

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  1. What a week you've had! Glad to see there have been many high points, the nativity's are always so special.
    And you are so right, is this one season that simply must be savored, with so much going on it's easy to take it all for granted rather than enjoy it.

  2. Thanks for hosting. Loving all of the photos - feeling so festive right now!

  3. I found your linky through twitter and I'm glad I did! Thanks for hosting! It's our first Christmas with our baby and we're #savouringtheseason too! Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

  4. Well done the girls on their nativity, I really missed it this year with mine moving up to secondary school.

  5. How you do all this I'll never know, Claire!! You have THREE children under 5 (just?!) I love all the picks you chose here - those photos are simply gorgeous. Amazing as ever. Have a super Xmas, Sxxx

  6. Hello, so pleased to have found your blog and this linky :) Well done to your girls on the nativity. I'm looking forward to our Christingle service on Christmas Eve. Have a super Christmas xx

  7. So glad the illnesses have not got the better of you all and you have found lots of joy this week. Have a fabulous Christmas. Mich x


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