Saturday 16 January 2016

Baby Tales {Seven Months}

With the seven month milestone, we are now well and truly in Baby zone. There is now no remnant of that tiny, helpless newborn we brought home 7 months ago... in his place there is a bouncing baby, delighting in all the things a seven-month old should!

This month has seen the onset of weaning with a vengeance. Our son is now a bottomless pit, and devours everything in sight... food, toys, paper... anything and everything is in the mouth! And he is proving a different kettle of fish to his sisters, and flying in the face of all expectations!

"You'll see, he'll be quicker with the physical milestones, slower on the speech front" they said.

Well. Our little seven month old is repeating sounds back at us, and even repeating the occasional word ("Mama" being the current favourite) but at seven months, he is still not sitting... nor showing any particular desire to. Instead he will roll his way merrily around the room, grabbing whatever toys/off-limits items he can get his hands on, and shovelling them instantaneously into his mouth.

There must be a tooth on the way (another thing his sisters had by this stage that he hasn't!)

But our Jonas boy is teaching us that he'll do things in his own way, in his own time, and smile and chatter and charm his way along so that nobody really minds at all.

And they don't. Not one little bit.

We love you Jonas-boy! And we wouldn't be without you!


  1. Aww he's such a cutie! And as for the teeth, Pip was 13 months his first, you might have a whole to wait!

    1. It's funny isn't it? Ava and Heidi pretty much followed an identical pattern in terms of milestones... Jonas is just taking it all in his stride!

  2. Dear Jonas bring us much joy! He is so relaxed and peaceful! Happy 7 months!!

    1. He is pretty relaxed! Enjoying this phase I have to say! :-)

  3. He is beautiful Claire, you must be so proud of him. What a little star he is. x


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