Thursday 7 January 2016

Happy New Year! // Savouring the Season

First off, apologies for my falling off the radar over Christmas... but I'm actually not sorry at all, it was fabulous to take a break from the blog and be with family and friends and I'm back and feeling all inspired at the start of the new year...

Does anyone else find absence makes the heart grow fonder?!

Anyway, WELCOME BACK! It's a brand new year of #SavouringtheSeason, and I'm so excited to see what you've all be up to over the break! The hashtag on instagram is looking as fabulous as ever... I have to admit, after Christmas, I'm always a little nervous that it will fall off people's radars as seasonal is not so easy once the festive season is over... but over here we're all about wintry wonders, so keep hash tagging and linking away to your hearts content!

Our new year has started with some pretty grotty weather, so we've been savouring the season with some low-lying home days and a few puddle-ridden adventures...

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Its been bliss though, after the busyness of Christmas, to pull back and do some real-life slow living. I'm determined to enjoy this post-Christmas winter season this year...

And it looks like lots of you are enjoying it too... Just click the links below the picture to follow these gorgeous wintry accounts!

On the linky front, my favourite post was this gorgeous christmas tree faffing from City Girl Gone Coastal... I feel very inspired to try creating some cute seasonal flat-lays for wonderful winter using some different natural materials in the garden. Amanda has set out a whole heap of cute christmas trees in this post... its very inspiring!

So now, as we head into the post-Christmas winter... the season that often feels long, dark and cold, lets encourage each other to savour this season as well. Its easy to moan our way through January and February and long for spring... but I'm determined to be thankful for this cold little season now...

Will you join me?!

Just link up your seasonal posts below!

Here are the rules!

1. Link up your post
2. Pop across to at least two other posts, read and leave a comment

It's that simple!

Savouring the Season is all about celebrating the season we find ourselves in...whether it be recipes, crafts, outdoor adventures or reflections on life, link up and share some comment love! And don't forget to grab a badge! (from the sidebar on the right >>>)


  1. Some gorgeous IG photos there!

  2. I know exactly how you feel and I too am determined to enjoy this bit of the year rather than moan about how dull and grey it is. Thanks for hosting! Xx


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