Friday 8 January 2016

Little Loves...

Hello! Happy New Year to you all! I was super lame at taking part in #littleloves in the run-up to Christmas... things were pretty chaotic and busy around here, and to be honest, the blog went a little on the back-burner... but here I am, and determined to be back with a vengeance in 2016!

How are you all?

This week, for us, has been all about getting back into the swing of things. We had a lovely Christmas, but far too quick! We are missing our Ava girl, Heidi in particular, but it will just take a week or so to adjust I'm sure. Ava is coming home from school exhausted, but enthusiastic as ever about her lovely teacher and little friends, so that's a relief...

But it was SOOOOOO nice to have her at home over Christmas!

We miss her!

Please excuse the fact I am wearing my 2-year-old's hat... desperate times! She had two! It was cold, people!

Anyway... onwards and upwards! Here's our little week in a nutshell...

* R E A D *
I'm reading Art Spiegelman's "Maus" at the moment.... an absolutely fascinating read... and one I think everyone should have on their "must-read" list... it deals with the subject of the holocaust in such a different manner to anything I've read before, and is tragic, humourous and clever all at once... I wrote a bit more about it here if you want to take a look.

* W A T C H E D *
Oh my goodness! I had totally forgotten about the post Christmas wealth of great drama... Takes me by surprise every year! We're tuning into "War and Peace", "Jericho" and Sunday night's "Deutschland 83" which we are really enjoying (is that the right word?) Deutschland 83 is gripping stuff, but I love the fact that it's dealing with an era of history I haven't really watched much on before... I highly recommend! (Also slightly weird as a German speaker to watch something in German with English subtitles... My ears and eyes don't know whether to just listen or watch!) Anyway, Sunday nights at 9pm on channel 4! Well worth checking out!

* L I S T E N E D *
I often stick something on YouTube while I'm doing housework when the kids are having their quiet time/naps, and most recently I've been tuning in to Francis and Lisa Chan's stuff on marriage. It's fab... Not rocket science, but great to realign my priorities. Dave and I are hoping to take some time in the evenings to listen together and chat through afterwards. Sometimes I know I take my man for granted, and it's helpful to remember what our marriage's purpose is. Francis and Lisa have been really helpful in reminding me what Christian marriage is all about... 

* W O R E *
New PJs! Dave got me gorgeous new winter PJs from Next for Christmas and I am loving them! I could actually lounge in them all day they are so comfy... But I won't, cos that would be lazy...

... Or would it!?

* M A D E *
Beds! Post Christmas housework mountain!! Does anybody else feel like that? I've made a dent on it, but the whole place still needs a good Hoover and dust. But as long as the beds are made, I feel like the house has some semblance of order. The tree and decorations finally came down yesterday, and our house is looking like a clean slate... Phew!

* A N D. L A S T L Y *
I had all these plans yesterday afternoon to get out my winter decorations and turn the place into a bit of a winter wonderland, only then, at lunchtime, Heidi popped her elbow and we ended up spending most of the afternoon in A&E. The poor little thing was in so much pain any time it moved, and her whole arm was totally limp! The whole experience I think added to her determination to be a doctor (or a midwife, Mama...!) because after a couple of hours of sitting around, the hero doctor popped it back in within a few seconds and she was giggly and smiley and back to her old self.

When he asked her to give him five with her "bad" arm, she practically walloped him!

Seriously. Three times in A&E with her in six weeks! We're going to be on first name terms with all the doctors there soon! In all seriousness, horrible as it was to see her in pain, it was so nice to walk out of the hospital knowing all had been "fixed"... It's been a very long time since we've had that feeling with our littlest lady!

An unexpected end to our week, but Heidi and I practically skipped out of the hospital, beaming giant smiles, just so relieved it was all sorted!

I hope you've all had great weeks and are looking forward to fun-packed weekends! We're going low-key... The week has turned out rather more eventful than expected, so we're ready for a little hibernation I think.

And we get our Ava back! Hooray!

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  1. I completely forgot about Deutschland 83! Must watch it on catch up. War and Peace was fantastic though, I'm looking forward to the next one.
    I will look up Francis and Lisa Chan, such a good idea to watch them together.
    Hope you have lovely weekend xx (Hope Heidi has no more trips to A&E!!)

  2. I always feel the same about made beds as long as they are tidy the rest of the house doesn't seem so bad. I love a good clean up not regularly but once a year I organize it all feeling refreshed for the year. Glad you had a lovely holiday and back into the grove of life again smoothly. #litteloves

  3. Ouch poor Heidi! Glad it was easily fixable though not nice I imagine. Our Sky planner is stuffed with things we are recording and just haven't had time to watch. Post-Christmas TV is just so good! I'd forgotten about War & Peace though so must get that downloaded. Have a great week x

  4. Poor Heidi, I hope it is her last trip to a&e for a while! I'm with you on beds, I'm really in the mood for a good post Christmas declutter and clean up.

  5. I have the same thing with the beds! As soon as I get up I open blinds and then make the beds - somehow it makes the place feel loads better in it's post Christmas state!

    Sorry to hear about your little ones arm, I'm glad she's feeling much better. x

  6. Ow poor Heidi! And I am missing Mads more than ever this term. I also have those cosy pj's from Next! xx

  7. Aww poor Heidi! Nothing like a freshly made bed is there! Have a lovely weekend x

  8. Oh poor Heidi - at least it was sorted quickly x

  9. Poor Heidi, glad she is feeling a lot better. I meant to watch War and Peace and then completely forgot when it was on, will have to track it down on Catch Up. x

  10. Aww bless her poor Heidi, glad it hasn't deterred her from what she wants to be. I love Francis Chan and didn't know they'd done some marriage stuff together, I definitely need to watch this with my husband as he likes him too, although he always comments on his giant hands whenever we watch his videos (he's so easily distracted). Those PJ's look super comfy. Happy New Year to you all xxx


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