Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Our Little Homeschool...

There's always been something about Homeschooling that's appealed to me... the thought of having my little brood around me all day, the thought of creating lesson plans and activities for my own little people, the thought of being able to teach them from a gospel world view. I love that thought... and I look at these amazing homeschoolers like Jodi Mockabee and Bethany Douglass and feel totally inspired.

And then I take a reality check!

Because much as I love the concept, much as I miss teaching, and much as I love how idyllic it looks on the Instagram feeds, I know the reality is hard core... no space during the day at all, full responsibility for your little people's  learning, and then the social side of things...

And I look at our little Ava at school, and know this has been exactly the right thing for her. That breaking free from the nest has been good for her; given her confidence, helped her understand that some people have different world views from her, helped her to gain independence and stand on her own two feet. And in some strange way, has helped her understand what it means to belong to a family, and brings her back to us all the more certain that this is exactly where she's meant to be.

But sometimes, when you have little children who would just love to be in school with their bigger siblings, you can't help but indulge!

Our little lady is counting down the days until she can go to big school...

She is eager to learn, and walks around the house saying "H for Heidi, A for Apple, G for Papa, S for Mama" .... it is so cute and utterly hilarious watching her little serious face repeating these little phrases utterly incorrectly!

But she is determined, and takes such delight in copying out her letters... I love the way she curls her little "H"...

It warms this Mama heart... and she's taken to asking if we can play "schools" most days...

There's one Mama here who is happy to oblige!


  1. So cute to see little Heidi eagerly learning her letters! Miss you! x x x

  2. Oh that's so sweet that she wants to be like Ava! And yay for playing schools, it looks like lots of fun!


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