Monday, 29 February 2016

Me and Mine {February 2016}

I was busy congratulating myself on my organisation this month, as we actually snapped these shots two week ago on our holiday in Derbyshire... But oh! Irony of ironies, this is possibly the latest #MeandMine post I've ever posted...

It's what happens when you forget February's a short month! (Although longer this year!)

This month has been a month of extremes.... Extreme busyness has dominated two thirds of the month... We have been up to our eyeballs, it seems, in every sense of the word! Things are busy at home with an impending extension to come (more on that next month!), things are busy at school with parent meet-ups, little homework projects and the approaching book day, Dave's work has been super busy, church has been busy with bible studies and tots group and music and a big conference that I'm group organiser for, and family has been busy with a third birthday party, impending 60ths, a hen day and wedding on the cards... Phew!

But if two thirds have been marked by late nights and running around like a headless chicken, the other third has been marked by rest. Time spent exploring the beautiful county of Derbyshire... Lazy mornings, country excursions, walking and exploring and seeing friends. Half term was bliss...

And a much needed retreat from the busyness back home!

But we are enjoying this little phase of life... The three children are each independently at such a lovely stage (though I will maintain that when you have three + children always one of them will be going through a trying stage!) It feels, with her impending third birthday, that Heidi has transitioned into a happy little phase after a few months of general boundary pushing. I have always found the "twos" harder than the "threes" and I'm hoping the same will be true in her case. Ava is in a lovely little zone... Just lapping up learning. She really cannot get enough of it. She comes home from school and wants to get straight on with her homework and takes such delight in it... I'm pretty sure it will not last, but I'm enjoying it while it does! Poor Jonas is our struggling little one at the moment. He is such a lovely, happy, cheery little soul, but the dribbling and angry red cheeks tell me somethings happening in the tooth depsrtment and he isn't too happy about it. Just lots of cuddles and comfort needed right now.

Dave and I are busy, but good. We've started setting aside a night a week just to chat and read a book together (more on that later in the month) and it's good to set that time apart. It's so easy in the busyness to live like passing ships, so Monday evenings have become pretty precious in the madness!

I am literally BRIMMING with ideas for the blog, and so it's feeling a little frustrating that I'm not getting much time for writing, but I'm learning I have to prioritise and so I have started keeping a notebook of ideas... Hopefully those ideas will become reality in time!

So here are our Me and Mine photos this month... Taken on our trip to the beautiful Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire, and packed full of memories of our little haven of rest in this crazy busy season of life!

Happy leap year everyone!


  1. Beautiful photos, it sounds like you have had an hectic month! I completely understand what you mean about one child always going through a tiring stage. My little Amy is approaching three and has had an hard few months but its getting easier. Your plans for your blog sound exciting xx

  2. What beautiful captures this month darling I love the bright fresh air behind you all and everyone all cozy together as a lovely family photo. Sounds like a busy month hope march is slower and better for you. #meandmineproject

  3. Oh this photo is gorgeous Claire, I think it is my favourite you have taken. You all look so happy. x


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