Monday, 15 February 2016

Siblings in February // 2016

And suddenly we're half way through February! Honestly, I feel like time is on fast forward at the moment... we don't seem to be doing a lot other than our everyday routines (although last week was somewhat busier) and yet somehow one week is just rolling into another and just like that its half term!

And I am SO thrilled about having these three reunited again! With Jonas sitting, the dynamics seem to have changed again, in a positive way, and I'm finding that he is included a lot more in their little games. Yesterday he sat and played on the sheepskin rug, with one sister draped around his side, and the other sitting directly in front of him passing him one toy, after another, after another. He grabs, he chews, he chucks, and another one is handed to him. Honestly, I think one of the reasons he's so happy all the time is because there's basically always someone to play with, or someone to entertain him.

Anyway, here's where my little siblings are at in February...

Ava (4 years 6 months) has loved...
* Reading - school books, story books, letters, signs... you name it!
* Making little books for her siblings and friends
* The Chronicles of Narnia - yes, we're reading Narnia... again!
* Sewing, drawing, illustrating, painting. If its creative, she's there!
* Helping bottle feed a friends baby - she just wants to be a Mama when she grows up, so I'm told!

Heidi (2 years, 11 months) is loving...
* Planning her birthday party - in minute detail (oh help!)
* Swimming lessons (she is a total water baby!)
* Anything by Enid Blyton
* Hanging out the washing (wonder how long this one will last!)
* Sneaking into Mama and Papa's bed in the middle of the night

Jonas (almost 8 months) is loving...
* Naptime - he literally giggles when I put him in his cot - what baby does that?!
* Food - anything and everything... and in copious amounts
* Tickles - this boy is so ticklish, its unbelievable!
* Sitting and playing with his toys
* Being entertained by his sisters

Oh! And in case you wondered what's really going on between the shots where I manage to capture the children actually looking at the camera... here's what life is like when you've got two big sisters...

Poor Jonas!

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  1. Oh, I love that last photo! In our house it would be the wee girl grabbing her big brothers :) It's lovely to just watch them play together, isn't it? #siblings

  2. Love these photos Claire. It sounds like Jonas is very much loved by his two big sisters! Hope you have a fab half term with them all off together x

  3. Gorgeous photos and I love how the little one in the middles face is being squished with kisses in that last one, lol. x


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