Tuesday 16 February 2016

Baby Tales {Eight Months}

Oh my baby boy... how are you eight months already!!?

Eight months feels like you are heading towards one... heading towards that exit of babyhood, and I am just NOT ready for that!!

This month it has felt like we are really seeing you... your little personality and character is shining through...

... and oh! What a lovely, sunny, happy little personality it is!

This month you have started waving - you waggle that right arm up and down and up and down which the girls find hilarious. You giggle and chatter and smile all day long. I genuinely have never met such a happy, contented little baby. And after me bemoaning the fact in last months letter that you still weren't sitting at 7 months, you decided to show me up and began sitting the very next morning.

You are just laid back, and easy going and like to do things at your own speed.

This week has not been so easy for you, you've been battling conjunctivitis and have been waking up chatting and giggling, only for me to find you with your eyes totally glued together - yet you are totally unfazed! The other day we were running late for school pick up, and you were still asleep in your cot, so I grabbed you up quickly and slotted you into the buggy and started pushing, only then to notice you couldn't see! We were running late for Ava, but my Mama heart couldn't bear to see you smiling at me with your eyes glued closed, so we just made ourselves a little more late while I unstuck them with cooled boiled water.

You are just such a delightful little boy. And I love you. So very much. With all my heart.

From your Mama xxx


  1. Oh Claire he sounds very much like my gorgeous boy at this age - so chilled and laid back that he doesn't even moan about not being able to see! Lovely boy. x


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