Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Goodbye Baby!

Oh, how much a year can change things. I remember it all so vividly... The waiting game. The frustration, anticipation, excitement... Wondering when our little bundle was finally going to make an appearance. I was 5 days late by now, and the comments had already started...

"Oh! Still here?"

Yup. Very much so. And wishing, wishing this baby would get a move on...

Little Jonas... He's never been one to be in a hurry!

This boy of ours... So laid back, he's practically horizontal. He hasn't rushed through the milestones, but has taken his time, methodically working through every milestone in the right order, and lagging behind his sister's by about 2 months... Teeth, sitting, crawling, first words.

And right when I wonder if he'll ever get there, he's pulled the next trick out of the bag.

"Don't fret, Mama. I'll do it... Just let me get there when I'm good and ready"

He is such a joy, this boy. Adored by us all, and such a happy, chirpy little fellow, and I really can't believe that we're just round the corner from one whole year old.

One. Whole. Year. Old.

Oh my Jonas... You would not believe how GRATEFUL I am that you are taking your time... I am soaking and savouring each little phase with every ounce of mothering pride I can muster. My baby... Only a baby for a few more short days... 

Don't go growing up too quickly!

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