Monday 6 June 2016

On our Bookshelves // One for Them & One for Me

Except that its not quite one, because as far as we're concerned... despite the crazy manicness that was May (read all about that here!) we had a ridiculously productive month on the reading front.

Seriously not sure how that happened!

So here's what we've been reading!

One for Them (or make that three!)

The Children at Happy House // Enid Blyton


This was one of my childhood favourites growing up, and before that, it belonged to my own Mama when she was growing up... how cool is that?! I love Enid Blyton for this age. The children adored the little idyllic story of three children who move from the town to the countryside, and I also love that Blyton books are always full of moral lessons and dilemmas too. We actually had some pretty good discussions about feelings, and decision-making, and kindness with our siblings which made for pretty good discussion material! Level wise its spot on for my girls. Simple little stories, the perfect length for a bedtime read aloud, and there is something special about reading a copy that's been in your family for 50 odd years!

Milly-Molly-Mandy's Friends 
& Further Doings of Milly-Molly-Mandy // Joyce Lancaster Brisley

There is something quintessentially English about these gorgeous little stories of life in an English village in the 1920s. The tales are so beautifully innocent and imaginative and fun, and whoever I have read them with the girls, they have been totally inspired by them. I read these stories last year with Ava, and this year we are revisiting them with both girls. These books have inspired us to make paper dolls, to eat lid potatoes, and learn all about thatched rooving! Honestly, if you have little girls between 3 and 7 years old... these little stories are gorgeous! Short and sweet and so very lovely!


One for Me (or two!)

Home Education // Charlotte Mason


I'm just finding the whole "theories of education" thing so interesting right now. So ironic, as at university, it was the bit of my education study that I found the most dull. Suddenly, now I have children of my own, I find it all utterly fascinating. I've been reading a bit of Charlotte Mason (and no, I'm not actually planning on homeschooling - though we have fun with our own little version of Homeschool sometimes!) and I love her thoughts on how children learn best... bringing education to life through living experiences - nature, what she calls "living" books... honestly, I'm just eating up every word of this stuff, and think it'll definitely shape how I organise some of our summer excursions... watch this space!

A Love That Never Tires // Allyson Jeleyne


OK... so I'm actually still only halfway through this one, but gobbling it up. I just needed a light read, really, a good old-fashioned fiction book to get my teeth into. It's the story of an unconventional explorer's daughter and a high society gentlemen, who really shouldn't hit it off, but do, and I'm just enjoying a few pages before bed every night! Something easy to unwind to. I got it free on the Kindle, so if you're after an enjoyable freebie, then look it up!

So what are you all reading? If you're a blogger, link up below, and if not, leave me some recommendations in the comments!


  1. Oh those are some real classics for the children this month. I don't remember the Enid Blyton, but I love that it's your Mum's copy, and Milly Molly Mandy is my old friend of many years! I'm with you on finding education theory fascinating, and I'm not a teacher (just the daughter, granddaughter, great niece and sister of a whole heap of them!). I started really getting interested when Kitty started school and the more I became uncomfortable with our current education system the more I read!!

  2. Ps have you read any John Holt - his concepts are fascinating and you begin to see how people are drawn to unschooling!


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