Thursday 14 July 2016

Sharing Snapshot Moments // Snail Mail with a Twist (Touchnote)

There has always been a little piece of me that loved snail mail... from the youngest age, I wrote to my cousins, to pen pals, to friends I made on holiday. There was something lovely about an envelope just for you landing on the doormat.

As an adult, my pen-pal days are sadly over. Time is of the essence, and though I will occasionally write to a school friend who lives further afield, for the most part the busyness of life has stolen that little love from me. The letters that land on the doormat will be bills or junk mail, excepting the yearly delivery of birthday mail, and I've even noticed things slowing up on the summer holiday postcard front in recent years.

But all that changed with the recent discovery of the cutest little app called "Touchnote"... These guys have brought together my love of snail mail and my need for speed with the added bonus of a personal touch... let me explain!

Touchnote is an app which allows you, at the touch of a single button, to transform your holiday snaps into picture perfect postcards ready to send to your nearest and dearest. The app is SUPER simple to use on either a phone or a tablet; you chose your picture, tap in a caption, and write your message. You then simply plug in the address (or give the app access to your address book and it will do the hard work for you!) and whoosh, off goes your postcard!

The most fabulous bit about it is that, because the postcard is able to be printed in any one of their printing hubs across the world, the delivery time is super speedy, even for the furthest afield places! I could send a postcard this morning to Australia, and it would be there in four days, without any extra cost!

And they even come with the cutest little personalised "stamp"!

The postcards cost between £1.80 and £2.99 depending on how many you buy, which includes worldwide delivery, which is actually an amazing deal when you stop and think about it; no buying a random postcard of an 80s scene from the local area, no stamp or postage payment, but a personalised postcard, on the most gorgeous quality card, sent first-class to your loved ones! And all done from the comfort of your sunlounger while you click a button on your phone!

And so, this summer, our family have decided to embark on a journey of falling back in love with snail mail with a twist... to bring a smile to those we love with personalised postcards of our adventures! And so we thought we'd start right now, as the holidays begin, with a little bit of mail for our smallest family members...

Thrilled is an understatement!

And we wanted to share the love; we are genuinely loving using the app, and I just couldn't keep it to myself! So I thought I'd share it with you all! Just click on the link below, download it for free, and set yourself up for some awesome personalised postcards this summer - for Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Family Friends, what better way to really show what an unforgettable holiday you're having, than by sending them a personalised memento of your adventures?

The app is free and TOTALLY easy to use on your phone or tablet!

Just click here and have fun this summer!

* This is a collaborative post *
* All views and opinions are my own *


  1. So that's how we ended up getting a lovely thank you postcard with pictures of our gorgeous new nephew so soon after his birth! Will definitely be giving this a try at some point - thanks for sharing. xx

    1. You should! We are absolutely loving the app... the children most of all!

  2. Just downloaded it and used it to send postcards to family whilst on holiday - what a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing, I'd have either been searching for rubbish postcards or given up altogether - these are just perfect :) xx

    1. I'm so pleased you are enjoying it Alice! It's so nice to be able to send something a little bit personalised!


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