Friday, 12 August 2016

Snapshot Norway // A Photo Diary Week 3

Another week of mountain climbing, breathtaking views, and a sneak peek at a little more of that sunshine!

The children are now completely acclimatized to the outdoor life. Since we have been here, they have not spent more than an hour playing indoors during the daytime each day. Once they are up, dressed and breakfasted, there's a playhouse to play in, a beach to explore, a fjord to wade in, wildflowers and raspberries to be picked and all sorts of creatures and nature to discover (this week, we even saw a snake crawling along the rocks beside us on one of our  mountain walks!)

It really is the epitomy of idyllic, and we really are so very blessed to be able to give our children this beautiful gift of these memories every single year.

And if you've never visited Norway? You should!!

PS - Apologies in advance for the huge amount of holiday spam you're about to witness!



  1. Me! Can we come with you next year! xx

  2. We could all come; "Nytt Ord I Live" beside the fjord?! X


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