Monday, 15 August 2016

The Value of Time Together // Siblings in August

I once read a quote that said that just sometimes, quantity was better than quality... and over time, I am learning this to be true. There is something about copious amounts of unfilled time, when the summer stretches out before you, unplanned, unstructured and unaccounted for, that does wonders for relationships, particularly sibling ones. Sometimes, the very best thing I can give to my children is unnumbered, unfilled hours of space... space to explore, to use their imaginations, to develop their own fun. Together.

It has been wonderful to see what huge quantities of hours have done for these little three of ours...

Naturally, the girls still gravitate to one another. Although Jonas is increasingly capable, he is perfectly contented to be left to his own devices (generally crawling around, climbing stairs and seeing what mischief of his own he can get up to), and he is not always the most obedient of playfellows. So most of the time, he'll potter around them while they are completely absorbed in their world of make believe.

Year by year, the summer provides an opportunity for our little people to invest in their friendships with each other again, undistracted by school, routines and busyness and it warms my Mama heart.

My little siblings in August!

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  1. I feel exactly the same about unstructured time, this past few weeks as done all my three the world of good and has definitely nourished their relationships. So much so that some days when I say I've planned something fun I'm met with eye rolls and pleas to stay home and play. I just know that as they grow I'm always going to really treasure the summer holidays and the quantity (and quality) of time it brings us.
    And these photos are beautiful; such a happy trio, and just look at that view. x

  2. Oh I love these pictures- firstly for how happy your three look together and then for lovely Norway in the background. Yay for the summer holidays and that chance for our little ones to reconnect!

  3. Your trio sounds so similar to my eldest three. And reading that first part really made me emotional as it does make such a difference doesn't it. I have been in awe of your summer photos so far, they seem to have been in their element, what great memories!

  4. Agreed! Many happy memories of time spent with my siblings making up plays, doing mini competitions etc. Glad you've had a great time away, despite the lack of sunshine! Xx

  5. Heidi looks like she is up to mischief xxx


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