Monday, 26 September 2016

This Guy // Thirty-Three Years

There's one person who gets significantly less air time on this blog. I don't know why really, I think there's a little part of me that wants to keep some aspects of our life sacred and personal. Some aspects of our life as a family that remain ours, and ours alone. I suppose the fact that he's out at work five days a week, keeping the rest of us fed and watered and well looked after means his presence is not so quickly captured in a photo series, or a funny little moment during the day.

But this guys presence and influence in our family?

It's immeasurable.

Today this guy turns 33, and with that number comes the landmark ten years of us being together. Sometimes we look back at our 23 and 21 year old selves and laugh. We were so young! It is amazing how much growing up you do in ten years... Ten years of marrying and buying houses, and having multiple children, of travelling and serving together, of deep-and-meaningfuls and silly in-jokes. Ten years which has also held its fair share of soul-searching and heartache... And learning to lean on the Lord.

And it has been a joy and a privilege to see the Lord working in this guys life for those ten years. And for us to be the receivers of that blessing. He is adored by our little crew... And while his Dad humour may not always be appreciated by our littlest people, it is right now. And no-one manages to make them laugh quite in the way that he does.

So happy birthday David!

We thank God for you every day!

Please keep on leading us and pointing us to Jesus. It is, of all the wonderful gifts you share with us, the best one you can give us...

We love you!


  1. Happy birthday David :-)

  2. Happy birthday dave!!x

  3. Happy birthday! And what a lovely post you've written about him, we've been together ten years too, xx

  4. Happy Birthday to your husband! And God bless the heads of our Christian households.

  5. Happy Birthday Dave! What a lovely testimony. x


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