Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Siblings in March // Characters on Show

World Book Day came around for these little siblings at the beginning of March. I will admit, I am one of the minority who actually loves the opportunity to dress my children up in their character of choice... And I think you can tell from their faces that they love it too!

Their characters of choice... Reflecting each of their personalities so perfectly...
Isn't it funny how we resonate with characters so similar to ourselves? One of the joys of a good work of fiction - finding yourself in the story, the character you most relate to... And it was only when I looked back at these photographs afterwards that I realised my little people had chosen books characters who's personalities are so very reflective of their own!

My little siblings in March...

Ava as Susan from "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe"
* Wise
* Responsible
* Independent
* Caring
* Gracious
* Gentle
* Motherly
* Sweet tempered

Heidi as Pippi Longstocking
* Cheeky
* Fun-filled
* A boundary tester
* Loyal
* Witty
* Expressive
* Quirky
* Sociable

Jonas as a dragon
... Well, aside from being noisy, unless you know any funny, little, joyous dragons, maybe not so much...!

The dynamic between the three of them has hit such a happy balance recently. Jonas is now well and truly included and part of the tribe, though he doesn't always play according to the rules. He's part of their little trio and it's so much fun to watch him copying and learning from his big sisters. It seems ironic that they've found a happy little balance, right as we gear up to introduce a fourth little playmate, but then I realise we're a good year away from any genuine playful interaction with his newest sibling, so if the girls are happy for him to tag along for now, that's good by me!

My little siblings in March. Keeping my life full of fun, joy, self-doubt, challenge and general hilarity!


  1. Oh I love their costumes! They look so happy to be dressed up bless them xx

  2. Lovely written about the kids and so right!!

  3. Their costumes are gorgeous! What a lovely update xx

  4. Two beautiful photos. I love the World Book Day costumes and how their costumes reflect their characters too! :-) #siblingsproject

  5. Oh they are fabulous costumes! And as for a good dragon - how about the one in the Worst Princess, he's pretty cool!

  6. They look so happy to be dressed up! I am one that loves to do this for world book day too and I think it helps that mine adore it too x

  7. Oh they are so precious. Look at their awesome costumes too and happy faces here. #siblingsproject

  8. Lovely photos, and I love how the characters they dressed up as worked so well with their own personalities! x

  9. amazing my favourite is the Pippi Longstocking costume I actually dressed up as her a year ago for my friends 30th which was themed come in your favourite 80s childhood tv character! being from Germany originally Pipi was a massive part of my childhood!


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