Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Soundtrack for a Struggling Soul // Truths for Trials

It hasn't been an easy few weeks... the whirlwind of one thing after another... sick children, broken bones and the complications of placenta praevia in pregnancy. Our local hospital has felt more familiar than I would perhaps like it to, and yet in it all I am so very thankful for the NHS, for the care and concern they have shown, and for having a plan of action.

But it is true that however organised and ordered the Consultants are, however much of a plan is in place, however much you entrust yourself, they are merely human, and at times, the questions surrounding my placenta praevia, and potential placenta accreta, feel overwhelming.

The what ifs threaten to take over.

Sometimes in the night, they feel big and weighty and heavy... I struggle to name them because I can't let my head go there... there are certain things I feel safer handing straight to my heavenly Father, and leaving them there.

So many people praying... so many speaking words of truth to my heart in this time that could be overcome by fear. And yet, for the most part, I feel anchored... safe... secure.

Words of truth. God's promises. His provisions in Christ are the things that anchor my soul when my mind is swirling with questions...

And of all the mediums there are, it is music that so often has the power to speak straight to my soul. It allows the tears to flow without that overwhelming flood... it puts voice to my anxious thoughts and preaches promises to my heart.

And so I thought I'd share the words which have steadied this struggling soul over the past few weeks. Yesterday, I spent time putting them all into one big spotify playlist... so if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, flooded with anxiety or fear, I thought it might be helpful to share those promise-filled truths with you.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Claire. Continuing to pray for you and all involved. Xx


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