Monday 15 May 2017

Baby Tales // One Month!

Dear Elias...

One month old, and not yet due! It's a funny old place we find ourselves in... In between somehow. And yet your teenyness is gradually going, you are growing, little man, and now, though already one month old, you finally feel like a newborn. You are behaving like a newborn too... Sleeping a lot, but having some wake time, feeding well and starting to grow a little more chubby. It's strange to think you might not have been here yet... That at the same 'age' (you would now have been 39 weeks gestation), all three of your siblings were still tucked up in my tummy (in fact, your brother would still be in there another three weeks!) and yet how already we cannot imagine life without you. We would feel so incomplete without you here now.

You have the sweetest little temperament. You take the world in with those big blue eyes! But boy, do you have a pair of lungs. I don't know whether I'm hyper-sensitive to your cry because of your prematurity, or whether you really are significantly louder than your siblings were. There's certainly nothing wrong with your vocal cords anyway!

Elias, you are so loved already by your siblings. I actually do think they would watch you, stroke you and kiss you all day long if I actually actually let them. They dote on you. They are enjoying having slightly more awake time with you too... More stories to read, more cuddles on the sofa, more chatting away to your little inquisitive face!

I am so excited for this next month Elias... As you have some wake time now (the first three weeks you just slept - the whole time!) we can't wait to see a little bit more of your unique little character and personality. We are so thankful to God for the way he has protected you and kept you safe, despite your early, and slightly more dramaric, start.

He is so good.

We love you so very much already darling boy!

Mama xx


  1. Kirsty. Watson15 May 2017 at 07:24

    Wow - one month already!

  2. It's so lovely how much he is already adored by the other three. X

  3. Just like Isabella a perfect set of lungs😂 xx

  4. How I am looking forward to meet Elias and hold him in my arms! x x x

  5. Utterly gorgeous - all of them xx


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