Wednesday 3 May 2017

Let the Games Commence // Ode to Papa

The timing was perfect. It's one of the phrases that has rung on our lips over this long past month. The fact that I was admitted to hospital just one day before David broke up for the Easter holidays meant that he was a constant and reassuring presence for the children during a time that could have been very unsettling and distressing for them. Over the course of my 16 days stay before Elias' arrival, he brought the children in to see me every day. He made it an adventure, coming laden with picnics, and colouring books, and always with a smile and a reassuring word that all was well at home.

And I could see it was. The children were happy and calm. Testimony to their Papa's constancy and calming presence.

And then after sixteen days, just three days before David should have returned to work, Elias made his unexpected early appearance into the world. 


And so the gears shifted again, paternity leave kicked in. And we had another two weeks of Papa's consistency and care during this huge time of transition.

It has been truly wonderful having him at home. For all of us. 


And yet today comes the day we always knew would come. After over a month of essentially "house husbanding", Dave is returning to the big wide world of work, and we are returning to our new normal, to solo-ing it without Papa's constant presence. He has done an incredible job. I realise there aren't many people out there who could without warning, single-handledly man the ship of housekeeping and caring for three small children and make it look as easy as he has done. We genuinely are so grateful to God for this guy's care and leadership in our family... And I'm slightly overwhelmed st taking back the reins again!

One thing is for sure for all five of us.

Without doubt.

We'll miss you Papa!

Now let the games commence!




  1. Let me know if there are any ways I can help - e.g a meal or having jonas over to play etc

  2. Ditto to what Kay said. x x


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