Thursday, 20 July 2017

Five Favourite Small Businesses // Beautiful Baby Buys...

Over the years we have received some truly beautiful gifts of the handmade variety when we've welcomed a new baby into the world... cardigans and blankets, nappy bags and quilts, soft toys and decorations. Precious gifts that we have kept and cherished. But there's another category of special gift that seems to be emerging in this social media world, and that is the world of online small businesses...

So I thought I'd share a few of our favourites!

If you're after a gift for a new baby, or something lovely for your own little ones, these guys create beautiful, natural pieces for our littlest people... we've been so blessed to have been given gifts from friends who have purchased from these companies, and I've consequently been persuaded to buy from some of them myself!

Here are our top five!

Little Maldod
Lowri at Little Maldod creates gorgeous baby presents - personalised vests and muslins, teethers and rattles... you name it, she's got it! Everything is quirky and cute and her website is SO worth investigating... and not just for your littlest people! Little Maldod caters for the whole family - homeware, giftware and even Neal's Yard products. And if you're after a present for a new arrival, the personalised bits and pieces are really precious and add a little something special to that little gift. A friend of ours bought gifts from her store when Jonas was born, and he still hugs his initialled muslin when he goes to bed!

Birdy and Pearl
These guys are really onto something! My cousin and his wife sent me this gorgeous necklace when Elias was born and I have had SO many compliments for it... but even more exciting is that it isn't just a necklace! It's a teether too! Normally, I spent the 5-12 month zone avoiding jewellery altogether, but Birdy and Pearl have made it possible to wear something lovely and allow your baby to chew away to their hearts content. They have lots of different colours and styles - go and check them out!

Jack and Jillaroo
We were given this gorgeous blanket by my other cousin and his wife and honestly, I think its the softest thing ever! It's all organic cotton, wonderfully soft, reversible and versatile and packaged beautifully to boot! Elias has slept on it, under it and wrapped up in it, and it makes a pretty good play mat too! I love wrapping my babies up in completely organic, natural products and knowing there are no nasties involved, and Jack and Jillaroo guarantee this...

Tillybob Bunny
Holly from Tillybob Bunny creates the MOST beautiful bunnies and bunny themed items... how cute is the teether below? Holly is actually a friend of mine (good old NCT!) and its been a joy to watch her start, grow and develop this gorgeous little business... she is one talented lady! Everything is handmade and so unbelievably pretty. She made one of these little teethers for Heidi when she was born, and now Elias has his own little bear version! I love it!

Stork and Cradle
I think wood remains my favourite material for children... we've been gradually transitioning away from all things plastic and noisy towards more natural, organic products, and wood is staple. A friend of ours bought these storks for the girls when the were born. They are engraved with their names, weights, lengths, time of birth and date... the girls love those little babies hanging from their beaks, and I've often found those little wooden dolls being rocked off to sleep! Again, a really personal, special present for a new arrival...

So there you go... if you are after a gift for a newborn, baby or even older, these guys are worth checking out. They are all small businesses than run completely online, so go and show them some support... they rely on word of mouth to grow!

This post is completely unsponsored... I just love these little businesses and wanted to share the love...

Now its time for you to share all your favourite online businesses with me?! Just leave a comment below!


  1. Vanessa Mulgrew-Kendall20 July 2017 at 20:51

    my fav are fred and noah and lottie and lysh! i have a slightly unhealthy obsession with the leggings

  2. I love Hope & Rainbows. The prints make lovely artwork in little ones rooms.

  3. Babies are like little suns that, in a magical way, bring warmth, happiness and light into our lives.

  4. Someone told me that having a baby is like having your heart walking around outside of your body, and I didn't understand it until I had a baby. Now, like, everything he does literally crushes my heart.


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