Monday, 17 July 2017

Sacred Housework // Thoughts for a Monday morning


"The routines of housework and of mothering may be seen as a kind of death, and it is appropriate that they should be, for they offer the chance, day after day, to lay down one’s life for others. Then they are no longer routines. By being done with love and offered up to God with praise, they are thereby hallowed as the vessels of the tabernacle were hallowed–not because they were different from other vessels in quality or function, but because they were offered to God. A mother’s part in sustaining the life of her children and making it pleasant and comfortable is no triviality. It calls for self-sacrifice and humility, but it is the route, as was the humiliation of Jesus, to glory" 
- Elisabeth Elliot - Let Me Be a Woman

Today involves 4 loads of washing, post-weekend clear-up, 3 school runs, meal prep and swimming lessons. I needed this reminder, and thought I'd share in case your Monday is looking pretty similar!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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