Tuesday 15 August 2017

Baby Tales // Four Months!

Oh this boy... this boy!

Four months old today and he has us utterly and completely besotted. He is such a little joy and delight and I am genuinely, truly loving every moment of this fourth baby. There isn't the anxiety and nervousness of being a first time mama... or even the adjustment there was with the second and third. It has just been a wonderful little babymoon and despite the intensity and exhaustion of newborns, it has felt like rest and respite in the light of all the drama there was leading up to his birth!

Elias is such a happy, jolly, contented little chap... He has his moments of course... And still hasn't got the memo about sleeping through the night more than once a week, but secretly I kind of like our middle of the night catch ups. Just me and him, in the silence.... I don't know if it's a 'last baby' thing, but I'm just allowing myself to enjoy all of it, every little detail.

It's been fun this month to see a little bit more of his personality coming through... He's little Mr Sociable and likes a good chin wag with anyone who'll listen. Not surprising giving his parentage I suppose! I also reckon he's gonna be a thrill seeker - he loves a bit of rough and tumble, a fact that his older siblings have unfortunately cottoned on to. It's hard to tell them off for being rough with him when a second glance reveals the hugest grin on his little face!

He has his own little fan club... All of his siblings love him to bits - their "Li-Li" or "Lee-lows" or "Eeyas" depending on who you talk to. He loves the attention and happily rewards them with coos and giggles and gurgles!

We love you our little Elias!
Happy four month birthday!


  1. Wow 4 months already 😳

  2. Love his cute little smiles - happy chappy x

  3. lovely happy pic, time has flown by

  4. Miss you all xxxxxx


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