Monday, 14 August 2017

Our Summer in Norway // 2017 Week Two

Our second week in Norway ended with us bidding farewell to Dave's brother and his family, and these two little buddies had to part ways. Honestly, watching this little friendship was such a joy over the past 12 days. These two are such good little friends. At just turned two, there aren't really any other children that Jonas really plays with, but these two little cousins have been playing together non stop for the past couple of weeks - whether it be cats or Cowboys or just running around in circles giggling hysterically. He will miss his little friend!

This week has again threatened rain pretty much every day, but thankfully, again, hasn't seemed to amount to anything. Overcast days with sunny spells is perfectly acceptable to us after last year's fiasco (3 weeks rain, 3 days sun) so we'll take warm, dry and overcast thank you very much!

It's been another week where we've been largely based on the peninsula - tractor rides, boat trips, BBQs and trips into town...

The children are just relishing the freedom of rural Norwegian life - long, light days and plenty to do in the great outdoors. They've played house in the little cottage, built a rock home for creepy crawlies and  packed up their rowing boat ready for adventuring, swallows and amazons style. They've skimmed stones, picked wildflowers, stuffed their faces with cherries and wild raspberries and devoured enough hot dogs to feed a small army. We've loved time with Dave's brother and sister-in-law and our two little nephews and I didn't even mind getting thrashed at Bananagrams a few times!

I feel like Elias has moved out of newborn zone and into baby zone since we've been here...he's just totally chunked up, is acing his head control and just such a happy little chappy. I am just absolutely relishing every minute of this fourth time round. He is just such a gorgeous cheery little bundle!

And my big three... Oh my big three are growing up!

These girls of mine... Shovelling handfuls of wild raspberries into berry-stained mouths. Isn't that what childhood is for?

One of my highlights this week was a BBQ down at the fjord with the family... Amazing food, incredible views and little cousins playing happily together. At the end of the meal we captured some pictures of Dave's parents with all the grandchildren. It's a definite photo for the mantelpiece!

Now on to week three!

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  1. Beautiful pics .definitely one for the mantle piece.


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