Friday, 15 September 2017

Baby Tales // Five Months!

Oh this boy! This delicious little bundle of smiles, giggles, deep belly chortles and coos. We love you so Elias! This month you've been hit by your first bout of illness... a little sore throat and a nasty cough. To be fair, you've done well to get to five months, but you're such a little poppet, you don't stop smiling despite being a little under the weather.

And that smile has me wrapped around your little finger already.

This month we've hit some more milestones... you love to sit, watching the world go by with your little hands folded on your lap. It is the cutest, and we joke with you that you look like you're praying from your baby seat, but truly you find your hands utterly fascinating and have been sucking on them, staring at them, waving them and batting with them non stop this month.

You've been trying to roll with all your might, but haven't quite made it over yet. Whenever I lay you on your back, you're straight on to your side, grunting and whinging as you try and lift yourself over. I expect that will come this month!

You still insist on sleeping through the night once a week! It hasn't happened more than that yet, but I'm not too fussed. You just like a little bit of milk and then you're straight back off to sleep again!

What a precious gift and joy you are, Elias. We thank God so much for your safe arrival, and we love seeing that little personality of yours grow and change and shine ever brighter!

Now into the sixth month we head! Eeek!

Ich habe dich SOOO lieb Elias!

Mama xxx

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