Tuesday, 12 September 2017

School Starts and Mama Fails // Back to Life with a Bump


It's funny how when September rolls around, you hit reality with a bump again. Our fjordside days in Norway already seem a lifetime ago... the long, lazy hours of summer holidays, the warmer weather and endless possibilities... instead I wake to dreary mornings and the patter of rainfall, to rousing sleepy children, and rushing them out the door.

Autumn has arrived.

It's my favourite season, despite the intro... there is something wonderful about hunkering down after a summer full of adventures and memories. It's the season of sore throats and conkers, coloured leaves and hot chocolates.

And its the season our Heidi started school!

Two little girls in bottle green, excited about the year ahead. It wasn't without it flaws... I may have cried some tears when leaving Heidi, and may have felt extreme Mum guilt for forgetting to order Ava's hot dinners, and failing to sign her up for Multiskills club... its never nice to disappoint your children. Especially when you know you are actually guilty... but as Dave reminded me, our little ones will face disappointments in life and its a good life lesson for her...

It didn't make me feel less of a failure as a mother though. I guess we want the facade that we've got everything together, don't we?!

This week has started much better in the mothering department... Ava now has hot dinners again, and they've discovered that playing aeroplanes is just as exciting as going to multiskills club! And Heidi? Heidi is loving Reception! I have so many memories of how exhausted Ava was those first few weeks, but Heidi seems to have more energy and enthusiasm and zest for life than ever. Perhaps its a little telling of the influence those blood thinners have been having on her over the past four years. Since she's come off them, she has seemed less tired and more chirpy and cheery than she has in a long while. The emotions seem to be less extreme, and I guess she's just maturing.

The girls started back to school with their usual Schultueten - a German tradition that we resurrect every year. A little cone full of goodies and school essentials. I was struck, this year, by how small Ava's Tuete looks next to her now... my little lady is growing up! Time does fly by so quickly...

So here are my little school starters in 2017...

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  1. lovely post, I think we've all been there with the forgetting of things, I do this a lot as my brain just isn't the same on rubbish sleep! But they are forgiving, the hardest part for me is forgiving myself which I don't do easily, Ty would say something similar to your husband and it's right, life will throw curve balls so it's a good thing to learn I guess. Lovely photos xx


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