Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Celebrating the Reformation // Ancient Truths Ever New

Yesterday was a significant day for many Christians all over the world... It marked 500 years since a German monk called Martin Luther took a decisive step that would throw much of what the church had been teaching into question. It was an act that rippled across mainland Europe and gathered momentum as others began to see that the church had lost sight of the authority of Scripture and the simple truths of the gospel. It was a return to the heart of the Christian message- a back to basics.

Scripture alone, to grace alone, by faith alone, in Christ alone to the glory of God alone.

The good news of Jesus spread like wildfire across Europe, largely thanks to the development of the printing press. And so, yesterday afternoon, we decided to make a printing press of our own!

We kicked off with Ava reading this short little bio on Martin Luther from a fabulous new book by the Good Book Company called "Everyone A Child Should Know" - its easy to read, concise and covers all the major bases in christian history - from Charles Wesley to Florence Nightingale. It was an useful little overview before we launched into watching the Playmobil Story of Martin Luther's life on YouTube that's been doing the rounds... needless to say they were mesmerised!

And then it was printing time! I had carved seven little symbols into potatoes - a "500", a lightning bolt, a bible, a church, a hammer, the theses and a castle! The children enjoyed explaining what each symbol represented, and then they got to work!

They lovely Kaya joined us and was an extra pair of hands to help.... Seriously two year olds and paint... Everywhere!

It was a lot of fun and we learnt a lot! Did anyone else do anything to celebrate yesterday?


  1. Loved the play mobile vid, we watched it too x

  2. How wonderful and creative teaching about Martin Luther! I am sure the kids were amazed and excited about reformation. Well done, dear Claire! x

  3. That’s lovely Claire x


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