Thursday, 2 November 2017

Cornwall Memories // Eden Revisited

It's a week today since we returned from Cornwall... Hard to believe that time can fly by so quickly. It was a lovely week away with family, and aside from one day, when we went to one of our favourite Cornish haunts, I didn't actually pull out my big camera at all. It's nice to switch off sometimes.

But I'm still glad I got these pictures of our trip to the Eden Project. My iPhone is all well and good, but it doesn't come close to my DSLR for capturing the details...

Last time we were here, an eight week old Jonas was the one being pushed around in the pram... It was so fun taking our little gang back to this place where they have so many wonderful memories. In the run up to our trip, Ava had been praying every night that we might be able to go again!

There is something about nature - trees and plants and exploration - that brings children out of their shells. Our Heidi was in her element as you can see!

And there was lots to see and explore... And plenty of adults around to outnumber the children for once!

Ava is just a sponge for learning... She can't currently decide whether she wants to be an intrepid explorer or a world-famous scientist. Either way, the rainforest biome was right up her street!

And the boys enjoyed taking it all in from the comfort of their buggy! See those little feet peeping out?!

We spent pretty much the entirety of the day in the Rainforest biome... There is so much to see and do, so much that is hands on, and even with four children in tow, you feel like you can appreciate it and learn something (no easy feat!)

We did so many other fun things - beach trips, pirate museums, little Cornish villages and fun-filled bike rides! Holidays certainly look different when you have a posse of little people with you, but I wouldn't switch it out for the world.

There's a done more pics of the other things we got up to over on my Instagram account (@Clarina1985) if you are heading down that way any time soon! Cornwall has SO much to offer young families!

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  1. I love seeing Elias little feet sticking out under Jonas arms. Lovely!


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