Friday 27 April 2018

Little Loves in the Spring

It has been SOOOO long since I've written one of these posts, and I've missed it! These are the kind of posts that are fun to look back on - the day to day details, the little memories and interests and ordinary things that so easily get forgotten. And so I thought it was about time I jumped on the linky bandwagon once again and joined the fun!

So here's what we've been loving this Springtime!

Little Men, Louisa May Alcott

After racing through Little Women and Good Wives, the girls and I have been slowing moseying through the sweet tales of Little Men... the girls are loving the antics of these boisterous boys and its so much fun to share stories that were so much a part of my own childhood. If you've only ever read the first two books in the "Little Women" series, make sure you go back and pick up these two too!

A New Name, Emma Scrivener

This book is vulnerable, and real and oh so eye opening. Emma Scrivener shares her battle with anorexia and doesn't pull her punches. Its raw but full of honesty and surprising hope. I highly, highly recommend.

Reign (Netflix)
I've started watching this drama on Netflix about Mary Queen of Scots. It's full of drama, but to say the plot contains artistic license would be a serious understatement... the jury's still out on this one! I like the characters, but I'm pretty sure its one of the most historically inaccurate dramas out there! Anyone else been watching it?

Other than that, we haven't been watching a whole load of television! Crazy busy evenings these days!

Podcasts, music, my own kiddos?! Where do I begin?!
Ask Lucy Podcast
I've been loving listening to the Ask Lucy podcast... all things natural health, and other random bits and bobs. Lucy has a really natural "stage" presence and the banter between her and her husband/co-host Nige is always fun! I particularly enjoyed the episode about winter wellness.

Sara Groves - Always been Faithful
This song reduced me to tears the first time I heard it. We sang it at Elias' dedication. So many memories and emotions tied up in those lyrics...

Wacky things the children say
I've actually got a post in the pipeline... some samples from the last couple of weeks...
Ava: GAHHHH!!! Heidi won't stop asking me who I'm going to marry!!!!!
Jonas: It's OK Ava - you can marry me!

Me (to Jonas and Heidi wrapped up in blankets and looking forlorn in their play tower in the garden): Would you like to come in and watch a movie, you two?
Heidi: We can't! We're too busy being hungry and lost in the North Pole!

Seriously. They crack me up.


Essential Oil Rollers
These little gems have become so much a part of our day to day wellness and are SO easy to make. They are also a SUPER budget way to use essential oils as they use so little at a time and last forever! Sounds like my kind of deal. Some of our favourite rollers...
- Thieves Roller for immune support (bottom of the feet, daily)
- Digize Roller for tummy support (as and when needed - nausea, bloatedness, travel sickness etc)
- Skin Roller for spots - I roller it over any spots that decide to make an appearance
- PanAway roller for muscle support - On the area of discomfort, up to every 2 hours. Post work-out.
- Lavender Roller - on the bottom of the feet last thing at night for a peaceful night's slumber

(If you're interested in finding out more about essential oils, give my @peppermint.pine account a follow on Instagram.)

Bye-Bye Nit Spray
I also had to rather unfortunately make a anti-nit spray as one of our children had some little visitors before Easter. Thankfully no-one else caught them, and I'm still using the deterrent spray on their hair daily to keep unwelcome visitors at bay! I love having natural options for this kind of thing... and I LOVE that it smells so much better than that awful chemical stuff you get in the shop.

I'm playing around with some tweaks to my meal plans at the moment. Downing the sugar, upping the vegetables! I find it hard to wade through all the conflicting research on diet and nutrition that there is out there, but I'm beginning to draw together some common themes and want to start making slight tweaks to how we eat. Nothing major, just a few little changes here and there and an opportunity to try some new recipes! No doubt I'll share some at some point.

I've worked hard the last couple of weeks to make time to spend with my boys while the girls are at school. As our littlest turned one, I'm realising how quickly these pre-school years fly by, and I don't want to wish I'd invested more time in the children!

Teething Necklace
I have been wearing this teething necklace so much recently - Elias loves it! I've also been getting them as gifts for all my lovely friends having babies. Such a fun, colourful and practical present!


We had a rough start to the Springtime with a bout of food poisoning for the big three. It was hideous, I'm not going to lie. They were so horribly ill. So it has been SO wonderful to have my biggest trio back to normal... they have been such good little buddies the past couple of weeks and their imaginations never cease to amaze me. The springtime has brought sunshine and a return to garden play and there have been no end of crazy games going on out there. Though motherhood is insanely hard sometimes, there is nothing like hearing their little giggles and shouts in the sunshine to cheer my heart!

My little loves in April!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


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