Thursday, 19 April 2018

Sunday // Elias' First Birthday and Dedication

Sunday. Such a special, precious day. A celebration. A commitment. A thanksgiving. A dedication. And all centred around this happy little soul. This happy soul who exactly a year before this photo was taken came into the world fighting for his life. Those lifeless-looking photos of his first breaths at 34 + 6 gestation, born to a Mother who had lost more litres of blood than her body carried over the course of the morning (blood transfusions literally saved my life!)... I still tear up when I see those photos, because I realise this anniversary could so easily have looked very different. So thankful. From the bottom of my heart. For the Lord's faithfulness and protection over me. Over him. Over us. The promise he had whispered in my ear, over and over again, during those long hospital days...

"Do not be afraid. Stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will bring you..." Exodus 14:13

As Elias' name daily reminds me - "the Lord is God" - even in the valleys and the shadows, in the fears and the pain. He holds it all... and he is faithful and good and oh so loving.

And so it seemed appropriate to set the date for Elias' thanksgiving service, and for Dave and I to dedicate ourselves to teaching him about the Lord Jesus, for his first birthday...

It was a precious service... of thankfulness... of promises made... of celebrating this little life he has gifted us with.

The same promises we have made for his older siblings. With each child, the experience of parenthood  ever deeper, the immensity of the promises made become increasingly weighty.

Promises to teach and instruct... Promises to pray and to serve and to model Christ... Promises to find hard to keep on a daily basis.

This parenting gig isn't easy... Far from it. But oh, what a humbling honour.

And what deep-seated joy to know that our Heavenly Father is the one who holds this precious soul in his hands... That there is daily grace and forgiveness that enables me to openly share my flaws and failures with my children, and look to Christ!

We sang for our littlest man about the faithfulness of God to us - not only in the details of his birth and arrival, but further back too.

It was such a special day! Celebrating our beloved Elias though promises made... Gathering round a picnic, celebrating with friends and family...

Ever thankful to God for the bright April day last year that brought this little man to us.

We love you Li-Li,


  1. Hey very nice blog!

  2. what a joy it was to be with you last sunday, every blog says it all how blessed and loved by so manyyou all are, thank you sharing sharing your day with us and we are glad it was special for you all


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