Friday, 15 June 2018

Siblings in June // Fun in the Sun

It feels like summer has come early this year. Long afternoons in the sunshine, dinners gobbled down before requests are made to return to the great outdoors... The games have been varied over the last few weeks - detective clubs, horses and stables, exercise areas, water fun and good old fashioned mud pies. It's so fun to see the four of them interacting together, and while I'm still very much supervising Elias' involvement, the big three are completely independent now. It's lovely to see!

Of course, we've had our fair share of bickering and arguments too - part and parcel of the whole sibling deal! Sometimes I feel like I'm forever referreeing, and then other times, I won't see them for hours because they're playing so beautifully together!

So here are my four in June...

Ava (6 years, 10 months) is loving...
- The Greatest Showman Soundtrack
- The Five-Find-Outers series
- Staying up a bit later than her siblings
- Drama club
- Songwriting

Heidi (5 years, 3 months) is loving...
- The Greatest Showman
- Happy Families books
- Rearranging the furniture in her playhouse
- Dance club
- Completing all the Reception spellings list

Jonas (3 years tomorrow) is loving
- Batman books from the library
- planning his birthday party
- puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles.
- Playing with his baby brother
- Peter Pan

Elias (1 year, 1 month) is loving
- having raspberries blown on his tummy 
- food - literally anything!
- singing
- Singing the batman song!
- Waving at everyone!

Love these kids! My tiny tribe in June.


  1. Summer really has come early hasn't it? I for one am hoping it stays that way as yes those times where they disappear and play is so much more frequent in the sunshine!

  2. What a gorgeous crew you have here hunny and sounds like they have some great dynamics together. Roll on summer for more of this glorious weather. #siblingsproject


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