Tuesday 11 September 2018

Dear Jonas - you're off to Preschool!

Oh my Jonas! How are we here already?

Today is the day you start Nursery...

This morning you will pull on those grey joggers and that bottle green jumper and head off to preschool. You are so excited to go - to play with your friends, to wear your uniform - to be part of the big school posse! I literally cannot believe it's time for another one of my little people to fly the nest... Three of you all heading off to school together. Where do the years go?


They literally fly!

We have had a glorious summer... You are the most wonderful little accompaniment. Full of fun and energy and such a little joker. You are double trouble with your baby brother, only yesterday I discovered the two of you standing guiltily in the downstairs toilet surrounded by reams of unrolled toilet roll. You are such good little buddies and he will miss you so much. 

I'm so grateful, however, that we made the decision to keep you home one day a week. I know that time with your brother is a worthwhile investment, and I'm looking forward to all the Monday adventures were going to have this year! And no doubt there will be plenty of mischief for me to discover!


You have grown up so much over the summer... You're taller, you've thinned out, you're a little conversationalist and get dry humour. Gone is that round little baby with the white blond hair! It is truly mad to think how quickly the years go by!

Last night, as we got you ready for bed, the girls and I prayed for you. We sat round your little frame, sitting cross legged on your bed and we prayed. We prayed that you would grow strong and work hard, that you would be a good friend and develop godly character.., but most of all, that your school journey would be an opportunity for you to learn more of what it means to follow Jesus, and learn to follow his lead in the day to day.

I am so excited for you Jonas - for all you're going to learn and all the fun you're going to have with your little friends. I know you're ready for this, and so tomorrow, I'll swallow down the lump in my throat, plaster a big smile on and wave you off with a smile.

I'll miss you so much Jonas boy! Have LOTS of fun!

Ich hab dich so lieb!

Mama X 


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