Monday, 29 October 2018

Summer Memories // Space + Reconnection

It's hard to believe that October half term has almost been and gone... that I'm still playing catch up on my blog because above all else, this spot will always be my memory store, and I don't want to miss a moment.

And so 2 months after we returned home, I finally wanted to share some memories from our summer in Norway. This year was particularly wonderful - extended time there, beautiful weather, and the children at an age where they are really starting to appreciate the outdoor lifestyle...

So many happy memories...

One of the words that really struck me this summer was connection. As a Mama to four littles, getting quality time with each one of the children has been difficult this past year, the needs of the younger boys sometimes dwarfing those of my independent girls. And yet Norway reminded me and showed me how deep these little souls go... how much there is still to unearth and input, and how making time with my girls, one on one, needed to be a priority.

We returned home to a shift in the bedtime routine and its been nothing but wonderful. Sometimes I find I need the headspace of the summer to have opportunity to see where things need to shift and change! Family life is forever evolving!

These kids drink in the outdoor life every summer... by the end of the summer term they are getting fractious, overtired and bickery with each other. And each year, without fail, Norway provides this wide open space where they can breathe again - breathe and reconnect and enjoy each other and this most stunning creation!

And eat their fair share of hot dogs...

So many happy memories from another wonderful summer. It is such a gift that we get to come back here year after year after year. It honestly is the most beautiful corner of the world - breathtaking in its beauty with fjords and mountains, fields and farms...

So thankful to the Lord for the gift of space and time with my family in this beautiful place!


  1. i love reading about you and your family and your patience with each part of lfe xx

  2. Such happy and lovely times shared with us all and what a blessed summer you all had and now almost November where has the year flown by

  3. I can smell the air ......x

  4. Lovely photos Claire. Such great memories - make sure you print some.

  5. I agree. Love your photos. x


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