Monday 5 November 2018

By the Light of Beeswax // Homemade Scented Candles

For a couple of years now, we have gradually been making baby steps to a more toxin free home. It started with essential oils, then self-care products, and moved to cleaning products and gradually, bit by bit, I've been more intentional about what I allow into our home in terms of synthetic chemicals and fragrances (the research on this stuff is scary).

One of the early, heartbreaking, discoveries, was how bad scented candles are for us. Seriously. Go have a google... or don't, if you'd rather remain blissfully ignorant! Once I was informed, though, I just felt I couldn't return to my old favourites (excepting one wonderful American Soy Candle company I love who use Essential Oils to scent) and instead used my faithful diffuser to make our home smell fabulous.

But despite all that, I missed the Hygge of a good old candle.

And so, as the nights get darker, as autumn draws in, I knew it was time to bite the bullet and find a toxin free alternative that would keep our home "clean", but also would satisfy my insatiable need for a flickering flame...

Enter beeswax. It's natural, doesn't produce any nasty chemicals when burned, and has a light honey scent... its also actually surprisingly easy to do.

And so with my sidekick, Kaya, we spent a special morning, kid-free, candle-making to our hearts content!

And so I thought I'd share how SIMPLE these are... because, after all, Christmas is approaching - and doesn't everyone love a classy, handmade, beautiful, toxin-free gift on a budget?!

I do!

I re-cycled some old bought candle jars, but if you're not a storer like me (I just can't part with pretty and useful things, even if I have no current use for them!), Kilner jars are a great alternative (though a little more pricey than the free recycled alternative!)

I ordered beeswax beads/pellets from Amazon (easier to melt than larger chunks) and wicks and stickers (links below). The voice of experience now tells me that wick width is important if you don't want your candle to tunnel... I bought 25mm wicks but actually a slightly thicker wick would have prevented the tunneling... so do your research!

Then simply fill your jar to the very brim with beeswax, and then tip it into a pyrex container, and add a tablespoon of carrier oil (coconut oil works fab) - the carrier oil will help disperse your essential oils throughout the candle later, if you are wanting to add scent...

 Then put your pyrex bowl inside a saucepan of boiling water, and stir, stir, stir until the wax completely melts (it will turn into a pale golden liquid)...

In the meantime, stick your wicks into the bottom of your jars and hold in an upright position with two pegs...

Once your wax has completely melted down, pour it into the jars, being careful not to knock your wicks...

As soon as that's done, add your oil of choice - I used 20 drops of Christmas Spirit, and honestly? They smell incredible!!

Then just leave them in a safe place to set - try not to move them around or you won't get that lovely smooth top!

Christmas Spirit is a blend of Cinnamon, Orange and Black Spruce, and combined with the light honey scent of the wax, smells incredible... if you'd like to know where I source my essential oils, and are interested in finding out more, click here.

Yesterday morning, we sat round the breakfast table, our little yellow candle burning and flickering  and sending out the loveliest homely, autumnal smell and I just was so thankful to have my flickering, scented friends back in my life!

I also sat down and worked out the costs, and the large candles cost me around £6-7 each to make. £6-7 for a beautiful, toxin free, scented candle?? That's like less than a quarter of what you'd usually pay for one of these in the shops!!

AND you get the fun and satisfaction of having made it yourself!


Happy candle-making!

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  1. Just ordered my wicks and coconut oil to give these a go..can't believe it'll be December this weekend...! X


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